Where To Download Tom Sandoval's Song "T.I.P'" If 'Vanderpump Rules' Just Isn't Enough Tom

Even though the Vanderpump Rules cast sometimes seem like they're better at being SUR-vers and reality stars than they are at getting their dreams of becoming models/artists/actors off the ground, Tom Sandoval's music is actually pretty good. It might even be good enough to start a music career. Tom Sandoval's band, Charles McMansion, debuted their music video on a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules. And if you're wondering where you can buy Charles McMansion's song "T.I.P.," or "Touch In Public," it's actually pretty easy. And I think that "T.I.P." would be a great addition to whatever playlist you use to keep track of the latest and catchiest electronic pop songs, right next to Rihanna's "Work." And yes, it does shock me that a Vanderpump Rules cast member actually managed to put out a pretty great song.

Let's get to it: here's where you can exchange your hard-earned money in order to get Tom's music in your ears. Charles McMansion's iTunes page has the option to buy "T.I.P." for $1.29. And Amazon has the song available to download for $0.99. Unfortunately, Charles McMansion's single is not yet available on Spotify, Apple Music, or any other streaming service. But you can watch the music video on Youtube over and over.

Personally, my favorite thing about the above music video is that it features almost the entire Vanderpump Rules cast, proving that Tom isn't ignoring his Bravo roots. And the cast is fantastic in the video, by the way. Ariana's performance is perfect.

Now the question is, when will Charles McMansion release their next surprisingly great song? Begin the countdown.

Tom and his music partner, Isaac Kappy, have been working to get the "T.I.P." video prepared in time for the release. So now it's time for them to get cracking on the rest of their album and update their Instagram with more information about the new tracks. For example, there is going to be a saxophone solo in an upcoming song — that update is from just a few days ago, so looks like Tom and Kappy are back in the studio.

For now, you have a few different ways to buy "T.I.P.," enjoy the video, and watch Tom Sandoval continue to work on his music career while juggling all the drama of Vanderpump Rules. The reunion is coming up, and I bet the rest of the cast will be begging Tom to be included in the next Charles McMansion video.