'Empire' Guest Stars Could Include Beyoncé & Prince, If The Show's Cast Has Its Way

Empire has already has featured the likes of Gladys Knight, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Alicia Keys as guest stars, but that's apparently not enough for the cast. When asked at PaleyFest on Friday night who their dream guest stars would be, Empire cast members Jussie Smollett, Gabourey Sidibe, Terrence Howard and more offered up their preferences for performers ranging from Adele to Prince to appear on the show, EW reports. How cool would that be?

Unfortunately, co-creator Lee Daniels revealed that he wants to limit the number of guest stars the show features, though he's not cutting them out completely. "We have a few more guest stars coming up, but what I’ve learned, because I’ve never done television before, is that we’re good enough," he said, according to EW. Fair, but there are always future seasons, and fans can still hope that some big names stop by. The various suggestions for guest stars from the cast and crew might seem like they're aiming high, but if you consider the popularity of Empire and the track record of high caliber guest stars, most of the ones stated by the cast below at Paleyfest don't seem too out of reach.



Bey was Sidibe's top choice for guest stardom, and while the singer would obviously be a major get for the show, it's not super unlikely if you consider that she has been hinting that she wants to try out acting again. A guest spot on Empire could be a great way to start her acting comeback.

Kendrick Lamar


Multiple panelists expressed their desire for Lamar to perform or appear on Empire. Unfortunately, he hasn't expressed an interest in acting. An appearance on the drama would be his first on a non-talk show, but is there a better series he could start on than Empire?



Adele was another name that came up, and I can definitely see her appearing on Empire. She seems to have been having a lot of fun appearing on late night shows to promote 25, and she's even in talks to appear in an upcoming movie.


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I can totally see Prince appearing on Empire in some kind of bizarre role. He appeared on New Girl, so why not?


Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Director Sanaa Hamri told Entertainment Weekly that she would love to have D'Angelo perform on the show. The R&B singer hasn't made many appearances like this, but he would be such a good fit for Empire.

French Montana

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French Montana was another of Hamri's choices; the rapper hasn't done much acting but is pretty theatrical. As a slightly lower profile name, I bet he'd be interested in appearing on the hit show.

There haven't yet been any real hints about who will guest star or perform on the third season of Empire, but maybe fans will be seeing these faces sooner than we think.