This 'Batman V Superman' Supercut Will Fill You In On Why These Guys Are Fighting In The First Place — VIDEO

I'm no mathematician, but I think I can safely say there are about one trillion superhero films out and/or about to be premiering in theaters. With so many movies available, it's all very confusing, especially if, like me, you're a casual superhero film watcher. And now, with some of the biggest superhero movies getting what feels like a dozen trailers released before the actual movie — like Batman v. Superman — it's even more chaotic. Luckily, a YouTuber has come to the rescue, making a Batman v. Superman supercut that puts all of the movie's many trailers together. And finally, things make some sort of sense.

If you're wondering why all the superheroes are fighting against each other (seriously, between this movie and Captain America: Civil War, what's happening?!), this supercut will finally get you up to speed. Not only does it combine all the movie's trailers into one neat package, it's also in chronological order. Reports Entertainment Weekly,

It begins with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) witnessing the destruction of Metropolis, builds with the superhero face-off, and finishes with Batman, Superman (Henry Cavill), and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) fighting off Doomsday.

Meaning, that finally, in between all the explosions and action scenes, you can actually decipher the movie's plot — which seems to be pretty damn angsty, if you ask me. Check out the video below and then, let's delve into what it reveals.

So, what's this Batman v. Superman thing actually all about? As with most major fights between usually good-hearted people, it's all a big misunderstanding... of epic proportions. You see, after an attack on the city, where Superman looked to be flying among the debris, the citizens and law enforcement begin to turn against him. They site his alien-ness as an immediate danger (when his alien-ness and superpowers worked just fine when he was saving their behinds before) and an incredibly fed up Bruce Wayne seems to agree with them. The "Bat Vigilante" appears to be darker than ever, and his beloved butler, Alfred, tries to talk some sense into him. Will it work, though? We'll find out soon.

As the video goes on, there are "merciful" and humorous moments between the superheroes, even in the midst of them pummeling each other. And the clip makes clear that there are bigger fish to fry than whatever beef the two men have between them, in the form of the dangerous Lex Luthor. It's a really good thing Batman and Superman have Wonder Woman there to help them get over their feud, so they can fulfill their superhero duties properly and make one entertaining movie.

Image: M1illion/YouTube; Warner Bros.