'One Tree Hill' Stars James Lafferty & Bethany Joy Lenz Just Had The Cutest Naley Reunion — PHOTO

Given the recent premiere of Fuller House and the upcoming Gilmore Girls spin-off, shows that millennials grew up with are making a comeback. Although it's not the same as a full-fledged Netflix revival, there was a mini reunion for a beloved CW show (which started back when the station was still the WB) over the weekend. One Tree Hill 's Bethany Joy Lenz took a selfie with James Lafferty and it's proof that Naley will live on forever. Their characters Nathan Scott and Haley James made up one of the show's most beloved couples. After all, not many teens get married in high school and have a love story as epic as theirs.

Although they've clearly grown up a lot since their OTH days, it's sweet to see that these two keep in touch. Based on the caption, it's clear that it was a move meant to make fans smile. Lenz wrote, "As per your request! #Naley ...just a few years later ;)" She also threw in some pretty fitting hashtags: #alwaysandforever, #dontsayinevergaveyouanything, and #hubby. The "don't say I never gave you anything" is a clear reference to Season 1, when he gave her a bracelet during their tutoring session. Meanwhile, "always and forever" is one of their go-to quotes throughout the show.

Just a warning that the photo below may cause some seriously heartwarming nostalgia.

How precious is that? Those two managed to survive more than just the standard ups and downs of high school. Their relationship really stood the test of time.

Now, excuse me while I go have a major OTH marathon on Netflix.

Images: The WB, Giphy