Will 'Little Women: Atlanta' Return For Season 2? The Cast Has Been Busy Since Filming Season 1

Time flies when you're throwing shade, doesn't it? Well, that's certainly the case as far as the first season of Little Women: Atlanta is concerned. The spinoff of Lifetime's popular Little Women: LA series will air its Season 1 finale on Wednesday, March 16 at 10 p.m. ET, and I have to say that these soon-to-be eight episodes went by faster than the goodwill between the cast members in any given episode. Oh please oh please oh please tell me that Little Women: Atlanta will return for Season 2.

Unfortunately, my begging will not do any good at this point in time. Lifetime has made no official announcement regarding the fate of Little Women: Atlanta, so I'll just have to soak up all of the drama that the Season 2 finale and its subsequent reunion special have to offer to get me through this period of uncertainty.

However, I'm not too worried about Little Women: Atlanta. The series premiere drew 1.3 million total viewers, which was Lifetime's best nonfiction series premiere in four years among adults ages 25 to 54 and women ages 25 to 54, according to Nielsen Fast Cable Ratings as reported by Deadline. Since then, the ratings for Little Women: Atlanta have remained in that ballpark, even surpassing it during some of its run. Little Women: Atlanta also seems to be a very buzzy show on various blogs and on social media. With that kind of popularity, I think it's very likely that Little Women: Atlanta will get renewed for Season 2 before we know it.

And I really hope that happens because not only does this show never scrimp on the drama, but A LOT has also gone down in the lives of the cast members since filming on Season 1 ended. How could Little Women: Atlanta not get a Season 2 with all of this entertaining material?

Ashley "Minnie" Ross

A lot may have happened in Ms. Minnie's life since filming on Season 1 of Little Women: Atlanta wrapped. TMZ first reported last month that Minnie and rapper Pastor Troy are expecting a child. You might be thinking to yourself, But wait. Didn't Minnie admit to lying about Pastor Troy being her boyfriend on Little Women: Atlanta? Why, yes she did. But during an interview with Bossip published earlier this month, Minnie said that she lied about the lie. Basically, Minnie explained that she and Troy have been in an on-again, off-again relationship for a long time, but they were off during that moment on Little Women: Atlanta. However, Minnie said that she felt like she had to say she was in a relationship at the time because all of her fellow castmates had significant others.

So does that mean Minnie really is pregnant with Troy's baby? Unfortunately, Minnie is keeping mum where her rumored pregnancy is concerned. "At the moment I can't discuss that due to my contract," she told Bossip. Could that be revealed in a future Season 2 episode of Little Women: Atlanta, perhaps?

Amanda & Andrea Salinas

Amanda and Andrea Salinas seem to be as close as ever and, as evidenced by their respective Twitter feeds, the Tiny Twins are dealing with both the love and the hate that comes from starring on a reality TV show. They also still seem to be tight with castmates Minnie and Monie. No surprise that their frequent frenemies Bri Barlup and Emily Fernandez aren't pictured with them.

Emily Fernandez

In case you still don't believe that Emily is pregnant after the great lengths she went to prove it to some of her castmates this season, the Little Women: Atlanta star has been posting plenty of proof on Instagram. Emily has been getting ready to bring home baby, and yes, she and Lontel are still together. If there is a Season 2 of Little Women: Atlanta, it'll be interesting to see if things stay that way.

Bri Barlup

Bri seems to be continuing to work on her career and spend time with her family these days. You seriously need to check out the adorable Snaps she sends of her son Malik. But does that mean Bri is finally living happily ever after with her kinda flaky boyfriend Wooda? He apparently posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram with the caption "They wanna know if we together. But none of that matters [sic] we happy," to which she replied on Twitter with some emojis that suggested that they are still in love and are a family. I just hope Bri is really getting what she wants.

Tiffany "Monie" Cashette

It looks like Monie has kept busy since filming Season 1 of Little Women: Atlanta. In addition to trying out a few different hairstyles, she seems to be trying to make some money off of her newfound fame by selling a sweatshirt that reads "I Come With No Filter," which we saw her wearing earlier this season, and making public appearances, like any good reality star worth her weight in gold. If her Twitter profile pic is any indication, she is still totally on Team Tiny Twin.

All of that is going to make for an exciting Season 2 of Little Women: Atlanta, don't you think? Now all we can do is hope that it happens.

Images: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime (6)