Did Phaedra Call The Feds On Kandi On 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Finale? She's Not Talking

In the Season 8 finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the biggest news was something that didn't even happen on camera — the authorities seized some of Apollo's property from Kandi & Todd's house (TMZ reported the incident back in November 2015, around the time of this episode). While Porsha seemed shocked when she conveyed the news, Pheadra wasn't surprised at all. Maybe that's because she's used to dealing with the government after her husband was arrested a few years ago. But it also might be because Phaedra called the feds on Kandi... or so the rumors flying around the cast said. Of course, Kenya also chimed in with her opinion (she, of course, can't help but stir the pot a little bit) that Phaedra shouldn't have "snitched" on her friends for hanging onto Apollo's possessions.

Phaedra chose to ignore those rumors, and while that might seem like a tacit admission of guilt, I think it was probably because her mind was preoccupied with planning her huge Christmas party that ended the season. Hosting the season finale is a big undertaking. And when Kenya appeared at said party, it's appropriate that she dressed up as the Grinch, because she immediately tried to destroy the Christmas spirit and brought up the allegations.

Neither Kandi nor Cynthia were nearly as invested in the theory as Kenya, and honestly didn't seem to care about having to surrender Apollo's possessions. And as many astute Twitter users pointed out, Phaedra didn't exactly need to make that call — every step of Apollo's arrest was documented on RHOA, including his friendship with Kandi & Todd and when they talked about having some of his stuff in their garage.

But when confronted about the issue, Phaedra's response was to simply walk away. Even after her party was planned, the RHOA cast member didn't give this rumor so much as a minute of her time to this rumor. Perhaps she'll open up a little more when it comes time for the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 reunion, because I don't see the proof that she's the one behind the seizure of her husband's belongings.