Can You Buy Glossier Makeup Products Separately? The Phase 2 Set Boasts Three Items — PHOTOS

Glossier's motto is "Skin first. Makeup second" and the brand is serious about its makeup minimalism mantra. But it's not merely about caring for skin as a primary activity and then beautifying it with products secondarily. Glossier's new Phase 2 Set of makeup is meant to enhance natural beauty, not cover it up. Essentially, the Phase 2 products, comprised of trio of makeup basics, are meant to live and work "with" you, as opposed to "on" you. Phase 2 consists of revolutionary and buildable concealer, sheer lipstick, and brow pomade, and comes with a $50 price tag as a set. But can you buy the products separately?

You can purchase any of the three items, which come in many shades, in the Phase 2 set on their own. But I think they are better together, to borrow a phrase from Jerrod Blandino of Too Faced.

Glossier Phase 2 is sold exclusively via the brand's site and it certainly advances the pared down, skin-first, almost naked look that Glossier is all about. I am a devotee of Glossier's Milky Jelly cleanser and used MJ to wash off the Phase 2 makeup products and my skin felt wonderful before, during, and after.

The Stretch Concealer lives in a pot, is $18, and it's pretty genius since it's made of elasticized, micro waxes and nourishing oils. The result is a product that moves like skin and offers a dewy finish. I dabbed with my finger on discoloration under my eyes, which promptly went buh-bye. It's also brilliant because it's buildable. If you want more coverage, you add more product and you're dunzo.

The Generation G lipstick comes in four shades that offer a wash of color. These lippies are sheer and matte. They are also meant to be applied sans liner. It's an easy, grab 'n' go product that offers a sheer stain of color with the moistness of a balm. They are also $18.

I rocked Cake, a peachy pink, while out and about on Sunday morning when I wanted a little somethin' somethin' to wake up my face without needing a defined, precise lip. I am going to live in these lippies all summer long, BTW. I am taking Cake with me to SXSW this week, for sure. Since I will be on the go nonstop for three days, it's an easy way to brighten my face and feel glam with little effort and without needing a mirror or giving up precious real estate in my TSA-approved baggie of products.

Love you Glossier and Cake!

Lastly, the Boy Brow, which was introduced in 2015 and that I used until the tube was totally empty, is $16. It's a colored pomade that grooms brows with one swoop. It keeps brows fully tamed.

You can buy the products a la carte, but I think the set is your best bet.

Images: Courtesy of Glossier (4); Amy Sciarretto (2)