'Not Safe With Nikki Glaser' Finding A Girlfriend For Nikki's Boyfriend Clip Solves That Whole Cheating Issue — VIDEO

Monogamy just isn't natural for humans. This is the issue that Nikki Glaser explores in a sketch for Tuesday's episode of the mind-blowingly amazing Comedy Central feminist sex show. In this exclusive Not Safe With Nikki Glaser clip, the comedian aims to find a girlfriend for her boyfriend to date on the side. Why? Because, as she discusses with an expert on the topic, monogamy just isn't natural. What is natural is for humans to be interested in multiple people over the course of their lives, regardless of current relationship status, which is why said expert totally approves of Glaser's idea to, well. Find her boyfriend a second girlfriend. If that sounds insane to you, well, clearly you didn't see the episode in which Glaser asked her parents sex questions while they were hooked up to a lie detector.

The clip then rolls right into Glaser interviewing multiple women of multiple ethnicities for the "job" of dating her boyfriend, making sure that they are qualified but not, you know, more qualified than her. Because monogamy might not be natural to humans, but jealousy sure is, and she's got to be realistic about this whole thing. The results are... pretty inconclusive if you ask me, but just the fact that she would even attempt something like this is exactly why she remains one of the funniest people on television.

Check out the amazing clip below.

Image: Comedy Central