The One Thing To Never Do When Contouring

Contouring is, without a doubt, one of the most popular makeup techniques out there right now. While strobing is definitely experiencing its heyday, few techniques have had quite the staying power as contouring. As such, people are always seeking out what to do, but the one thing to never do when contouring is forgetting to blend. No, really. Blend until your hand starts to cramp and you think your matte bronzer or cream contour is barely visible. Contouring is not exactly a beginner's task, but the key element of a gorgeous, sculpted look is less about the what to do and more about what not to do.

While contouring may be one of the most popular makeup techniques of the moment, it's also one of the most controversial — or as controversial as makeup can be. An argument can be made that the Kardashians are really the progenitors of mainstream contouring. Kim Kardashian's carved out cheekbones are probably the most well-known use of the trick, and her dependence on the method has spawned YouTube tutorial upon YouTube tutorial. Thanks to YouTube, though, achieving that gorgeously highlighted and contoured look has gotten easier than ever. While every person has a different trick or technique, one thing remains the same: Blending is always key.

Watch any tutorial on YouTube, and you'll see that blending that bronzer, deeper shade of foundation, or cream contour is the vital key to any great contour. That's why the one thing to never do when contouring is forget to blend.

Blending is pretty much the key to all forms of makeup application. Whether it's blending shadows into one another for a gradient smoky eye or blending your foundation into your skin, it assures that you'll get the most natural look possible.

While many assume that contouring take two handfuls of cream products and a smattering of powders, the truth is that with pro blending and some YouTube help, contouring is attainable for everyone and for every day. Using a matte powder to subtly bronze the face and carve out the cheek gives a more subtle appearance perfect for everyday application.

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For a more dramatic effect that truly gives you Kim Kardashian-level fierceness, a cream may be the right choice for you. A strong, sharp contour is definitely one of my personal favorites, but packing powders onto you face to achieve is will just end up making you look like a cake.

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Whether you're new to contouring or you've been doing it for awhile, take a moment to recite these words: Don't forget to blend. It's easy to forget, especially if you're in a rush, but no one likes a zebra stripe along their cheekbone. Thanks to YouTube and some helpful hits, however, you'll be a contoured goddess in no time.

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Images: Jaclyn Hill/YouTube