A 'Walking Dead' Attraction Is Coming To Universal Studios Hollywood, In Case The TV Show Doesn't Scare You Enough

If spending an hour every Sunday night jumping out of your seat isn't scary enough for you, I have great news. On Sunday night's episode of Talking Dead, host Chris Hardwick announced that a Walking Dead attraction is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood, which will surely terrify even the bravest fans. Though the AMC series has previously become a maze for the theme park's annual Halloween Horror Nights, according to Hardwick, this attraction will be there year-round. So rest assured that no matter what time of year you visit Universal Studios Hollywood, you can add some horror to your day and try to escape a bunch of faux-zombies.

The preview of the attraction shown during Talking Dead, which was posted online by IGN and can be viewed below, makes it appear that this attraction will be similar to a maze. There doesn't seem to be any sort of machinery or car to take visitors through a ride, instead showing some very scared participants walking through dark settings as zombies attack. Concept art in the video also depicts visitors making their way through scenes that should be very familiar to Walking Dead fans, like the hospital where Rick woke up from his coma in the pilot.

If you're already trembling at the idea of facing zombies and the world of The Walking Dead in real life, don't worry, you have a few months to prepare for this apocalypse. The Walking Dead attraction will open at Universal Studios Hollywood this summer. Hey, that's more notice than Rick got when he woke up in that hospital.

Image: Gene Page/AMC