'Spoilt Modern Indian Woman' Memes Hilariously Call Attention To Sexism In India

Experiences with sexism may vary from culture to culture, but one thing that can bridge gaps between different areas of the world is the Internet — and the hilarious memes it propagates. Case in point: The memes on the Facebook page "Spoilt Modern Indian Woman" tackle everyday sexist tropes that Indian women in particular face, but which many women all over the world can also relate to. By quoting sexist stereotypes and twisting them to depict women in the opposite manner, the images remind us that women can be much more than the roles any culture prescribes for them.

Bruce Vain (a pseudonym), who created the site along with activist and writer Sonam Mittal, tells Bustle over email that the meme aims "to challenge everyday sexist stereotypes and break them through funny but completely plausible plot twists. The idea is to challenge sexist humor and tropes with inclusive, personable humor."

"Spoilt Modern Indian Woman" began when a social media user called Mittal a “spoilt modern Indian woman" who takes the “liberty given by the Indian (male) society for granted," according to Quartz India. Other real women's stories collected through Spoilt Modern Indian Woman's website have also become the subject of the memes, which take seemingly sexist phrases and complete the sentences in unexpected ways to describe independent, strong women. Addressing the pressure for women to be submissive, the fear of sexual harassment, and the expectation to be caretakers, they're relatable to many women in other countries as well.

"These are not just turns of phrase done to make a cool meme — these are real instances of women who are breaking stereotypes in their daily lives and being badass about it," Vain says. The Facebook page also invites readers to submit their own photos using the hashtag #SpoiltModernIndianWomen or #SpoiltModernDesiWomen, which refers broadly to descendants of the Indian subcontinent.

Check out some of the funniest memes below, and find more on Spoilt Modern Indian Woman's Facebook page.

Images: Courtesy of Spoilt Modern Indian Woman/Facebook (6)