Ciara & Russell Wilson's Engagement Photos & Videos Show How Unbelievably Happy They Are

Congratulations are in order for Ciara and Russell Wilson! The happy couple got engaged while on a romantic getaway on an island off of Africa, they announced via social media over the weekend. The two couldn't wait to share their happiness with followers, posting sweet video after sweet video detailing their post-engagement happiness. In fact, Ciara and Russell Wilson's engagement videos and photos are undeniable proof that the two are blissfully, head-over-heels in love. From their surprise vacation to their even more shocking engagement (well, at least to Ciara!), it's clear that the pair are in store for some seriously wedded bliss.

"She was shocked when they landed in Seychelles at the exclusive resort North Island," Ciara's rep told Us Weekly about the couple's romantic retreat and subsequent engagement. "The biggest surprise was that Russell proposed to his new fiancée at the romantic, private Honeymoon Beach."

And thanks to the countless videos and photos they've posted after Wilson popped the question, it's not hard for everyone to see just how incredibly happy they are. Check out their beyond sweet social media shares below! Maybe there's something to be said for the couple's headline-making choice to stay abstinent while dating.

When They Made The Official Announcement

As if the pure joy in Wilson's voice when he screams "She said yes!" doesn't give it away, Ciara's squeal as she shows off her sparkling engagement ring certainly makes it obvious that the two couldn't be any more excited to spend the rest of their lives together.

When They Showed Off The Proposal Itself

...or at least a photo of Wilson down on one knee, kissing his new fiancée's bling. BRB, tagging every future boyfriend in this photo so he knows exactly what to do to pop the question. From the gorgeous locale to the gorgeous sunset to the gorgeous Ciara (stealing her whole outfit TBH), everything about this pic is perfection.

When They Joked About Their Fiancé Status

Is there anything in the world that is cuter than this? Look how happy they are — and look at how clear that water is! *transports self to Africa*

When Russell Wilson Knew The Way To Ciara's Heart

Photos of his lady lookin' fierce AF.

And Every Time Ciara Described Their Engagement On Social Media

The happiness is evident in every Instagram caption.

"God Is So Good! I'm So Grateful For You @DangeRussWilson," she captioned their engagement announcement. "You Are Truly Heaven Sent, and I'm Looking Forward To Spending Forever With You."

Congratulations to the happy couple!