Bob Saget & Carly Rae Jepsen Sang The 'Full House' Song & Danny Tanner Basically Came To Life IRL — VIDEO

Still don't have enough Full House in your life? Well, ever since the Tanner family home got a little bit more crowded with the Feb. 26 premiere of Fuller House, the fan frenzy — and the cast — has been everywhere. And now, it seems as if the very characters you know and love are coming alive right in front of your eyes. Seriously, you better keep your house clean... Because over the weekend, Danny Tanner sang the Fuller House (and Full House) theme song with Carly Rae Jepsen during her concert in Milwaukee. OK, so, technically Danny Tanner is fictional and it was actually Bob Saget who took the stage. But, as he helped Carly and the crowd belt out the lyrics to "Everywhere You Look," it really appeared as if the fictional father himself was on stage... he had the embarrassing Dad dance moves and all.

And nobody seems to have enjoyed the moment more than Jepsen herself. "That may have been the best moment of my entire life," the singer told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "I don't know, I feel like we should just quit, go home after that." I feel you, Carly. Between Saget's determined hand motions (don't you dare question whether or not he knows these lyrics) and the performance ending with a classic Tanner hug, Saget was basically Danny Tanner come to life. Seriously, who invented this time machine that brought us all back to the '90s? Because I am absolutely loving it.

But the nostalgia of the moment doesn't end there. In typical modern-day Danny Tanner-style, Saget was also sure to whip out his phone and take a selfie with both Jepsen and the crowd. And, if you've seen Fuller House, you know that Danny Tanner's selfie game has been strong these days (honestly, I need printed copies of those multiple Danny Tanner couch selfies). Luckily, he shared the photo with his fans on Twitter:

So, will Full House fans get more Danny Tanner-inspired appearances from America's most beloved fictional Dad? I would say it's an extremely strong possibility. With Fuller House now being renewed for a second season, it seems like the Tanner family is going to be sticking around for a little while longer. And with Jepsen bound to have more concerts where she'll perform her new rendition of the theme song... there's a chance members of the cast can hop on-board that chance for exposure as well. I'm all for the singer pulling a Taylor Swift with each city, so who's next? What are you up to these days, John Stamos?