'Fuller House' Season 2 Has To Explain These Plots

No one was more pleasantly surprised than I was when I started my Fuller House marathon and realized that the show was actually pretty damn good. In fact, I liked it so much that I watched the entire season in a matter of two days (I had to work and stuff). And, though I was sad it was over, by the buzz and overwhelmingly positive response from viewers that I saw, I just knew that they’d be back for a Season 2. And, guess what? They are. Fuller House has been renewed for a second season. But, Holy Chalupas, before they sit down in the writers room, I implore them— Fuller House season 2 must answer a variety of Season 1 questions that they left open ended.

Listen, I get why they did it. A majority of this first season was about setting up the story and getting people invested. Plus, they only had 13 episodes to do all of that it in. They succeeded in getting this girl hooked, and so I think the payoff for my loyalty should be in the form of questions answered and important storylines being given enough attention, if they can’t be neatly wrapped up by next season’s end. I don’t think that’s asking too much, right? They did such a good job with the first season, I have the utmost faith they’ll do the second season the justice it deserves.

Here are 10 Season 1 questions that Fuller House needs to answer in Season 2 (or else).

1. Who Will D.J. Pick In The Steve And Matt Love Triangle?

I actually enjoyed the fact that D.J. ended Season 1 single. Her reluctance to commit after going through a tragedy and major life changes felt very real in a show where they aren't exactly hell bent on reality. That said, this is a show, and there are two characters who desperately want to be with her. For the sake of not letting a plot go stale, in Season 2 (which hopefully will bring her even further down the road in healing) she will eventually have to choose. But who?

2. Will They Delve Further Into Stephanie's Infertility?

This particular plot twist threw me for a loop. I wasn't expecting it nor was I expecting Fuller House to tackle such a sensitive issue. But I am so here for it. I want to see Stephanie's journey. I want to see where this takes her. Will she adopt? Are there extenuating possibilities where treatments could help her conceive? Will she ultimately decide to not have children?

3. For Real, What's The Deal With Kimmy And Fernando?

They're on, they're off, they're on, they're off again. Honestly, I'm feeling as emotionally bereft as Ramona right now, and they aren't even my parents. I think, while we can all agree that Fernando is a good father and welcome comedic relief, he is most definitely not a good partner. But that doesn't mean I want to see him gone. Just, like, how will they manage to keep him around if Kimmy finally kicks him to the curb? Can they remain friends?

4. Do Alex & Nicky Finally Graduate College?

I sure hope so. While hilarious, they sort of made Becky and Jesse's twins into complete and utter clowns (hello, the balloon gag) with no direction. I just hope that they get that fish taco truck up and running. I love fish tacos.

5. Will Danny And Becky's New Show Succeed?

The show put a lot of emphasis on their sweet new gig. So much so that it seemed ominous, like they were counting their chickens before they hatched. If it does get canceled, will it send them back to the "Fuller" house? Becky is fairly obsessed with baby Tommy...

6. Will Jackson And Lola Date?

D.J.'s eldest did spend a better part of Season 1 pining after Ramona's BFF. And it seemed that, towards the end, Lola decided she liked him, too. But, it's middle school... anything can happen. Not that I'd know. I blacked out my entire middle school career from my mind.

7. Or... Will Ramona And Jackson Develop Feelings For One Another?

Did I sense a hint of jealousy/longing from Kimmy Gibler's daughter when Jackson was hanging out with Lola? I think I did. While Ramona can be a tough cookie, she does sweetly soften around Jackson, and I think it'd be cool for them to explore that dynamic long term.

8. Will Stephanie Get Her Aunt Becky Equivalent?

In this iteration of Full(er) House, Stephanie is Uncle Jesse. And, if you recall, Uncle Jesse was also a rolling stone when he moved in with Danny and the girls. But Becky was the one who made him want to tame his ways and settle down. Now that dependable husband Harry is off the market, will Stephanie find that person for her next season?

9. What's The State Of Kimmy's Party Planning Business?

Is she expanding it? Did her antics at the Giants game help boost her number of customers? Will she become an event planning mogul? Will she get a new fat head poster?! I hope Season 2 says "yes" to all these things.

10. Will Michelle Ever Come To Visit San Francisco?

I enjoyed the fact that they cheekily included her at least in spirit, but I wonder if at least one Olsen twin can hop on a plane and film even a tiny little scene? Or possibly do a skype session or something? She lives in New York, not Outer Space.

Season 2 can't come fast enough.

Image: Netflix; Giphy (5); xfullerhouse (5)/Tumblr