12 Travel Gadgets For Vacation That Will Make Your Trip Even Better

It could be my beachside Florida roots speaking, but the time is always right for a vacation. Of course, it's not always feasible to pick up and leave town, but it's those times in particular that make the case for some time off. To achieve maximum relaxation, it's worth learning how to make your vacation even better; that way, you can make sure that not a minute is wasted by stressing out about anything.

Although as anyone in desperate need of a vacation will tell you, "not stressing out" is easier said than done. Once the anxiety has surfaced (be it in the form of a dead phone battery, an inability to snap pics without getting on social media, or even just an overstuffed car with no room for snacks), it's tough to tuck said anxiety back away. Luckily, the vacation gods that be have gifted us with a few gadgets and hacks for solving any and all everyday irritants that can crop up during a weekend getaway.

So pack the car, hop on your flight, and hightail it out of town to make the most of your much deserved vacation day(s). With a few of these life-simplifying tools packed into your bag, you'll have everything you need to make memories that will last a lifetime — or at least until your next vacation.

Streamline Makeup With SPF 30 Mineral Powder

Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush , $36, Amazon

Following the sun? Skip the melty layered makeup routine, and opt for the powerful mineral powder that covers all your bases. This clear shimmer brush packs SPF 30 sun protection within its mineral powder formula (which is also water-resistant for 80 minutes). Reapplying on the go is easy because powder is stored within the brush, and you can even select a powder that matches your skin tone, too, if you desire more coverage.

Store More Phone Life Right In Your Wallet

Joly Joy External Battery Pack Charger , $7, Amazon

Getting your phone to hold its charge while constantly searching directions and taking pictures is tough, but so is stuffing huge charges into your already-full bag. This external phone charger is the size of a credit card, so it slips right into the wallet you're carrying anyway. One user said it fully recharges their phone one and a half times, adding that the rubberized pack easily fits right into a shirt pocket.

Travel Comfortably With Tangle-Free Headphones

Flexion Wireless Headphone , $30, Amazon

These wireless, sound-cancelling headphones will give you the most comfortable listening session you've ever had en route to your destination. Slim, sleek, and free of twisting chords that tangle up in your bag, these phones are equipped with Bluetooth technology for an easy, streamlined experience. The headphones are also an excellent companion for zoning out while exercising — one fan even said, "The Flexion sound quality is significantly better than many headphones I have used that cost more."

Plan For Pools With Travel-Size Swim Washes

Triswim Shot Set, $19, Amazon

Just saw the hotel pool online? Get excited, but first get the chlorine-cleansing shampoo and conditioner set that actually fits in your toiletry bag. This shampoo, conditioner, wash, and lotion is formulated specifically for ridding hair and skin of damaging pool chemicals, so its aloe vera, vitamins A, E, and B5 will nourish skin and hair and keep them healthy.

Keep Food Fresh On The Go In A Leak-Proof Tote

Picnic at Ascot Insulated Tote, $30, Amazon

Carry drinks and food from your room to the beach and back again — without looking like a bag lady. This insulated cooler looks like an everyday tote, but it's actually leak-proof and easy to clean inside. Users say the durable material maintains your meal's temperature for about five hours, and the size, while generous, won't cause items to jostle around. One even said, "If you're like me, and need to take enough food for lunch and breakfast, don't pass this one up."

Prevent Splash Zone Damage With A Waterproof Case

Lifeprood Nüüd Series, $90, Amazon

Whether you're off to the Alps or the aquarium, prevent water damage to your valuable iPhone 6S with the famous Lifeproof case. This new series is shock-proof, has a screen-less design for a closer touch, and its special antiglare camera lens means sharp, flawless pictures. While the phone is safely sealed off, the speaker ports are uncompromised, so you can still blast your music whenever, wherever.

Repel Sand With A Weighted Beach Blanket

Sand Escape Compact Beach Blanket (7'x9') , $30, Amazon

Nothing is worse than a towel full of scratchy windblown sand. This huge parachute nylon blanket won't get sand grains stuck in its fibers, and side zip pockets store valuables or sand — keeping this blanket from blowing away. When you're done, the blanket rolls up into itself as a buckled bag.

Float On With Light-Up, Waterproof Sound

Lightahead Bluetooth Speaker, $28, Amazon

This floating speaker connects with your phone for waterproof listening, whether you enjoy musical pool swims or some tunes in the tub. The speaker works for six full hours, and one fan even said, "This floating speaker from Lightahead is a feast for the eyes and a treat for the music lover."

Refresh Packed Clothes With Mini Steaming Iron

SteamFast Mini Steam Iron , $24, Amazon

Sending off your vacation in style with a fancy-pants dinner? Sharpen up with the mini iron that heats up in 15 seconds. It comes with a heat-resistant travel bag for packing in a flash, as well as a measuring cup for filling the mini tool with precise water amounts.

Live In the Moment By Capturing Memories Instantly

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, $59, Amazon

Instead of pulling out your phone every time you want to take a pic, snap away with the instant film camera that lets you document your travels — printing out memories right as they happen. It means that much less screen time (aka less chance of getting sucked into Instagram and texts), and its high-key mode still creates that bright, soft look you love from your Insta filters.

Bring All Your Favorite Hair Styles With You

BaByliss Titanium 3-in-1 Styler, $50, Amazon

No need to sacrifice your second-favorite style because your bag only has room for one. This convertible tool has a bubble wand, curling wand, and hot brush all in one place, so you can choose whichever style strikes your fancy — sharpening it with the included heat-resistant glove.

Save Car Space With A Back-of-Seat Cooler

Digision Car Back Seat Organizer, $12, Amazon

Save crucial space in the car with this compact cooler, which stores snacks on-the-go within its insulated inner compartment. The durable cooler also organizes items in easy-to-see mesh exterior pockets for easy snack access, while the tissue holder on the bottom even offers insurance for the spill-prone.

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