40 Plus Size Rompers Because All-In-One Outfits Are What Lazy Girl Dreams Are Made Of — PHOTOS

Living in Britain, springtime isn't typically the ideal season for baring my legs. But you can bet your bottom dollar that I still spend every day between April and October rocking chunky thighs completely devoid of tights. My favorite look for showing off my legs in? Plus size rompers: The warm weather cousin of plus size jumpsuits and an outfit that usually saves the wearer the hassle of pairing shorts with a T-shirt. This all-in-one look does all the hard work of styling for you.

What I love about rompers is not only how darn comfortable they are — apart from when you're going to the bathroom, unfortunately — but how versatile they can be as well. You can get jersey rompers for frolicking around the house in while technically still being dressed. And on the other hand, you can sport glittery, spaghetti strap rompers that catch the light and cling to your curves as you jump around on the dance floor.

When it comes to rompers, your personal style, and whatever occasion you're thinking of wearing one to, I can promise that there's an appropriate playsuit out there. Below are 40 of my favorites. Get ready for the easiest dressing experience of your existence.

1. Embellished Cape Romper

Embellished Cape Romper, $94, asos.com

The gorgeous cape seen on this romper was a huge trend last summer and is set to be one again this year. But even is that wasn't true, the embellishment gives me total '20s vibes. Whether you want to make a fashion statement or wear a throwback to the flapper era, this romper is perfect.

2. Olive Green Challis Romper

Olive Green Challis Jumpsuit, $19.99, rue21.com

This lightweight jumpsuit also comes in burgundy and black, in case khaki just isn't your color.

3. Metallic Glitter Wrap Romper

Metallic Glitter Wrap Romper, $12.99, charlotterusse.com

This is awesome for a night out or even just for the daytime, if you're as in love with all things glittery as I am.

4. Multi Print Romper

Multi Print Romper, $74.99, simplybe.com

This casual romper reminds me of the '60s and the floral print would look so pretty this upcoming spring.

5. Geometric Print Romper

Geometric Print Romper, $88, nordstrom.com

Geometric prints have been everywhere the past few years and this monochrome one only proves why the style is so popular.

6. Rose Lace Sleeve Romper

Rose Lace Sleeve Romper, $44.90, fashiontofigure.com

That rose print is just too pretty, and it's combined with a long lace sleeve so you don't have to be too revealing if you don't want to.

7. V-Cut Romper

V-Cut Romper, $22.90, forever21.com

This blush color is the perfect nude shade for a chic spring, but the look also comes in black for all the plus size goth babes out there.

8. Stripe Wrap Front Playsuit

Stripe Wrap Front Playsuit, $30, boohoo.com

This almost nautical-themed romper is a simple and chic look for spring.

9. Bell Sleeved Off The Shoulder Romper

Bell Sleeved Off The Shoulder Romper, $41, asos.com

This paisley print just screams spring, doesn't it? And those sleeves are a statement for any '60s lover.

10. Khaki Wrap Playsuit

Khaki Wrap Playsuit, $74.99, simplybe.com

Here's another khaki romper but in a totally different style. It's a much more military-esque look for your spring wardrobe.

11. Overall Romper

Overall Romper, $49.99, modcloth.com

Overalls are technically in the romper family, right?

12. Palm Printed Playsuit

Palm Printed Playsuit, $40.99, simplybe.com

This palm print and peep shoulder romper can accompany you through spring, summer, and any holidays you get to take this year. Unless you're going to, like, Antarctica.

13. Chiffon Romper With Beaded Collar

Chiffon Romper With Beaded Collar, $34.99, charlotterusse.com

All-white everything is always one of the best ways to transition into a sunnier season. Plus, that beaded neckline is just really cute.

14. Crochet Trim Romper

Crochet Trim Romper, $34.99, wetseal.com

The crochet detailing on this romper is to die for, especially when delicately framing your fabulous thighs.

15. Casual Romper With Tie Waist

Casual Romper With Tie Waist, $31, asos.com

A super comfy jersey romper for chilling around the house or running to the store in.

16. Faux Bustier Romper

Faux Bustier Romper, $110.90, eloquii.com

Take your playsuit love to the workplace with this shirt and romper effect one.

17. Blue Multi Print Playsuit

Blue Multi Print Playsuit, $64.95, simplybe.com

A bold print plus a bold color is always a success in my book.

18. Plunge Romper

Plunge Romper, $36.99, charlotterusse.com

That low neckline with a napkin skirt makes this a great romper to wear when you're truly feeling yourself.

19. Lace Wrap Front Playsuit

Lace Wrap Front Playsuit, $35, boohoo.com

Here we have another gorgeous deep red color, combined with a keyhole neckline for showing off the goods without having to commit to a plunging cut.

20. Cut Out Embellished Romper

Cut Out Embellished Romper, $99, nordstrom.com

The embellishment on this romper is the best way to show off your love of glitz in a more casual way.

21. Black And Silver Sleeveless Playsuit

Black And Silver Sleeveless Playsuit, $24, yoursclothing.co.uk

If you're a little bolder with your glitter love, this playsuit might be perfect for you.

22. So Field With Joy Romper

So Field With Joy Romper, $59.99, modcloth.com

It's a more delicate floral print that's ideal for a warm weather wardrobe.

23. Leopard Print Romper With Belt

Leopard Print Romper With Belt, $32.87, wetseal.com

If subtlety just isn't your thing, this leopard print romper should give you the best tacky aesthetic.

24. Drape Shoulder Romper

Drape Shoulder Romper, $65, asos.com

The beautiful draped fabric of this romper could be taken from a day look to a night one with the right accessories.

25. Elephant Print Strapless Romper

Elephant Print Strapless Romper, $12, forever21.com

Who doesn't love a super cute animal print?

26. Bell Sleeve Romper

Bell Sleeve Romper, $32.99, charlotterusse.com

This bold blue will make you stand out all spring long.

27. Paisley Print Bardot Romper

Paisley Print Bardot Romper, $52.50, simplybe.com

I'm a massive fan of Bardot-style shoulders for any look, but the cut helps make this pale paisley print really pop.

28. Slinky Lace Trim Teddy

Slinky Lace Trim Teddy, $26, boohoo.com

This is technically lingerie, but I think it would look great for a night out.

29. Striped Jersey Romper

Striped Jersey Romper, $54.50, torrid.com

Another casual look that would be perfect to throw on over your swimwear at the pool.

30. Leaf Print Playsuit With Crochet Trim

Leaf Print Playsuit With Crochet Trim, $47, yoursclothing.co.uk

The subtle crochet detailing on this playsuit just takes it to the next level.

31. Soft Pleated Romper With Keyhole Back

Soft Pleated Romper With Keyhole Back, $21.87, wetseal.com

This is the ultimate in plus size minimalistic chic.

32. Plunge Front Embroidered Playsuit

Plunge Front Embroidered Playsuit, $60, asos.com

The gorgeous embroidery combined with a tie-up front will give some fun folky vibes to your look.

33. Belted Chambray Romper

Belted Chambray Romper, $34.90, forever21.com

A lightweight look for showing off your love of denim without having to struggle with heavy jeans during the spring and summer.

34. Lace Romper

Lace Romper, $38.99, charlotterusse.com

The black lace over a nude underlay makes the look less intense and shows off the real beauty of delicate detailing.

35. Fringed Print Playsuit

Fringed Print Playsuit, $64.99, simplybe.com

If you don't own anything fringed yet, I highly recommend changing that. It makes moving around so much more fun.

36. Grid Print Playsuit

Grid Print Playsuit, $44, boohoo.com

Grid print has been a huge trend the past couple of years, likely for its chic factor. And I thoroughly expect it to make a comeback in 2016.

37. Faux Suede Romper

Faux Suede Romper, $110.90, eloquii.com

Just imagine how lovely this will feel to the touch.

38. Metallic Spot Playsuit

Metallic Spot Playsuit, $36.49, simplybe.com

Polka dot print playsuits are so cute, and its metallic nature gives this look a little more edge.

39. Peplum Romper

Peplum Romper, $30.99, charlotterusse.com

I'm not usually a fan of peplum, but on a playsuit it looks super chic.

40. Floral Print Wrap Print Romper

Floral Print Wrap Front Romper, $34, asos.com

These darker toned floral prints are a way to do flowers in a much more elegant way.

Hopefully something here will have taken your fancy. But if not, don't fret. Instead, try to get some styling inspiration from these models and consider seeking out some favorite pieces. The romper really will make warm weather dressing a walk in the park.

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Images: Courtesy Brands