17 Plus Size Jumpsuits Ready For Spring

After a cold, dark winter we're finally skipping and jumping into the sunshine and styles of spring. This means one thing: a new summer wardrobe! For me, a wardrobe staple for each season is the perfect plus size jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are great because they're so flexible. You can wear a light cotton one to the beach in the depths of summer, pull on a gorgeous velvety one for the winter, and even grab a glittery number for the club. Maybe they post the little problem of making it hard to pee, but I think it's totally worth it to wear one of my favorite garments.

I strongly believe everyone should have at least one jumpsuit in their closets. A plain one can lead to a million outfit combinations while a statement jumpsuit is ideal for standing out. Plus, you'll never have to worry about pairing T-shirts with jeans or blouses with skirts, because these all-in-ones are an outfit in and of themselves. All you have to decide on are your accessories — and if there's anything I know, it's that changing those accessories up can help rework your old jumpsuit into an entirely new look.

With spring fast approaching, now's the perfect time to invest in your jumpsuit look for the season. Whether it's wide legged, boldly printed, or both, finding your perfect jumpsuit is always a total thrill.

1. Basic Catsuit

Basic Catsuit, $35,

Recently spotted on curve model Nadia Aboulhosn's blog, this catsuit is gorgeous in its clingy simplicity. Show off your figure in true athleisure style.

2. Casual Jumpsuit

Casual Jumpsuit With Drawstring Waist, $61,

Or for that next level athleisure look, check out this super comfy jersey one.

3. Line Print Culotte Jumpsuit

Line Print Culotte Jumpsuit, $56,

Geometric patterns are going to be huge this spring, with monochrome looks seen everywhere as of late. Plus, culottes were a big trend last year, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a revival of the look as soon as it's warm enough to sport.

4. Studio Printed Wrap Jumpsuit

Studio Printed Wrap Jumpsuit, $119.90,

These polka dots give off an almost vintage vibe for your spring wardrobe.

5. Sleeveless Combo Jumpsuit

Sleeveless Combo Jumpsuit, $19.99,

Here's another monochrome outfit, but one that might trick people into thinking you're actually wearing a perfectly paired pants and shirt combo.

6. Open Shoulder Jumpsuit

Open Shoulder Jumpsuit, $35,

It's a hot trend that shows off your skin without letting you get too cold. IMO, that's exactly what you need for spring.

7. Strapless Jumpsuit With Metal Belt

Strapless Jumpsuit With Metal Belt, $25,

The combination of neutral and gold hues gives me total Kardashian vibes.

8. Winter Tile Print Jumpsuit

Winter Tile Print Jumpsuit, $15.50,

This vintage-style print combined with a long sleeve (but a keyhole detailing) is the perfect casual look for the upcoming season.

9. Harem Jumpsuit

Harem Jumpsuit, $118,

Available in one of three bright tones — blue, mustard, or red — this jumpsuit is a bold statement that you should be making.

10. Utility Jumpsuit

Utility Jumpsuit, $99.90,

Get that Flashdance feeling in this casual jumpsuit. You can pull down the zip to get an even sexier look, as I tend to do with my own denim jumpsuit.

11. Glitter Trim Strappy Jumpsuit

Glitter Trim Strappy Jumpsuit, $37.99,

It's perfect for the club or a glitzy casual look. Owning a glitter jumpsuit is a wardrobe staple in my book.

12. Cornflower Jumpsuit

Cornflower Jumpsuit, $129.99,

This retro style is one many of us have come to expect from the likes of ModCloth, and that shade of blue is absolutely beautiful.

13. Grid Print Jumpsuit

Grid Print Jumpsuit, $19.99,

Grid prints have been incredibly on trend the past couple of years, and I don't expect the fad to fade away anytime soon.

14. Silver And Black Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Silver And Black Sleeveless Jumpsuit, $19,

I wasn't going to leave you with only one glittery jumpsuit option, now was I?

15. Halter, Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Halter Wide Leg Jumpsuit, $107.50,

From the vibrant print to the on-point shape of this garment, the '70s vibes are here to stay this season.

16. Caged Neck Jumpsuit

Caged Neck Jumpsuit, $40,

The gorgeous neck detailing takes this bold blue jumpsuit to the next level.

17. Caged Bust Jumpsuit

Caged Bust Jumpsuit, $25,

Here's another caged-style jumpsuit, but in a totally different interpretation. Khaki is set to be huge this year, and is a favorite of Kim Kardashian.

Hopefully I've converted you to the ways of the jumpsuit. And if you were already a convert? It's time to have just as much fun lusting over these jumpsuits as I have.

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Images: Courtesy Brands