Is JoJo Dating Anyone After 'The Bachelor'? She Seems To Be Decompressing With Friends Post-Show

Now that it's been revealed that Ben Higgins has systematically destroyed the hearts of not only JoJo Fletcher, but all of us who enjoyed watching her on this season, we are left wondering what has become of the Sweetheart of Bachelor Nation. Though JoJo suffered heartbreak due to Ben passing her up to get engaged to Lauren Bushnell, I have no doubt that JoJo has managed to land on her feet following the break-up. Since any fan of the show knows what a catch she is, we have to wonder if JoJo is dating anyone after The Bachelor

The effervescent 24-year-old from Dallas, Texas, captured the attention of Ben when she first walked out of the limo wearing a unicorn head. From that moment on, he was smitten with her, even inviting her on one of the first one-on-one dates, and the chemistry between the two of them was hard to deny. When Ben told JoJo he loved her while they were sitting next to a waterfall in Jamaica, it looked like he had decided who he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. What JoJo didn't know was that he had also uttered the same words to Lauren.

Though it was sad to witness the demise of BoJo (could've been great), JoJo has not slowed down since her time on the Bachelor. Though WetPaint claims that there have been rumors swirling about JoJo dating Nick Viall, the 35-year-old veteran of two Bachelorette seasons, there is no evidence on either of their social media profiles to support the claim. Instead, let's take a look at what JoJo has for sure been doing in the time since she appeared on The Bachelor.

She's Been Hanging With Friends

After having her dating life put on blast, JoJo may be taking some time off to just hang around with her gal pals. She seems to have a solid squad of girlfriends to decompress with in Dallas, so the girl is definitely not lonely.

She's Reconnecting With Bachelor Buds

Since JoJo wasn't in attendance at the Women Tell All special, it's so nice to see her alongside one of her fellow Bachelor ladies. The friendships made on that show seem to be pretty powerful.

She's Taking Care Of Her Dog

JoJo is clearly very fond of her pup, Jackson, so the time away from him while filming The Bachelor must have been especially trying. Who needs a fiancé when you have good old fashioned puppy love?

She's Been Modeling

Or at least it sure looks like she has been. JoJo has proven to be a very stylish lady, rocking some of my favorite looks on this season of The Bachelor for sure. Whether it's professional modeling she's doing or not, I'm sure appreciative of any outfit details she supplies us with — talk about #stylegoals, for sure.

Ben or no Ben, JoJo seems to be doing A-OK.

Image: ABC