Jess Takes An Important Stand On 'New Girl'

She may have just returned from jury duty, but New Girl is no wasting time in pushing Jess' storyline to new and exciting places, starting with the fact that Jess decided to quit her job. And honestly, it was the best thing she could've done, given the circumstances. During Tuesday night's New Girl episode "The Apartment," we saw our lovable leading lady stress out over the insane tasks her new boss Principle Becky Cavatappi (played by Elizabeth Berkley) kept piling onto her workload. And they weren't even things that she was supposed to be doing (like managing the school budget, for example). Becky was just using Jess' kindness to her advantage and forcing her to do things she, herself, didn't want to be bothered with. That's not exactly the greatest environment to be working in, so Jess up and decided to take her talents elsewhere.

Now, knowing Jess as we do, this was a pretty major step for her to take. She usually prefers to plan things out and not take any huge risks, so facing unemployment isn't going to be the greatest feeling in the world. However, given her excellent credentials and can-do attitude, I have no doubt that she'll be able to find another more suitable job very quickly — one that doesn't take advantage of her hard work and sweet demeanor. Or, perhaps Becky will realize just how crucial Jess is to the school and plead for her to come back, while promising to never use her in such a way again.

It could go either way on this show, but the important takeaway from all of this is that Jess stood up for herself in a big way. No one deserves to be treated poorly, whether it be at work or otherwise, and unfortunately, this type of bullying is something that happens to many people far too often. So it was great to see Jess take a leap of faith and bet on herself and her ability to find a better source of employment. It was a difficult decision, but the right one to make and I'm fully confident that it will only lead her to bigger and better things. You go, (new) girl!

Image: Ray Mickshaw/FOX; Giphy