Megan Fox May Not Be Gone From 'New Girl' For Long

We all knew that Jess' departure from New Girl was going to leave some pretty big shoes to fill. However, I'm not sure anyone could've expected just how well Megan Fox's New Girl character Reagan would fit together with the rest of the group. Ever since she arrived on the scene, the actress has become a welcome presence on the show, adding both humor and heart to the loft in a surprising sort of way. But now that Jess is gearing up to come back (for good) during the show's milestone 100th episode on Tuesday, I can't help but turn my thoughts to Fox's future on the series. Is there any chance that Reagan will return to New Girl at some point throughout the remainder of the season? She will if the writers have anything to say about it.

Executive producer Brett Baer discussed that very topic during a recent interview with TVLine and teased that they're "definitely" already looking into possible ways for Reagan to come back outside of her current guest arc. "We love what her character brings to the table for the Nick-and-Jess dynamic — and for all the characters," Baer stated. But until they're able to work that into the story somehow, fans will be forced to say goodbye to Reagan, at least for the time being, which means that her budding romance with Nick is probably going to be put on hold. (Sorry, 'shippers!)

Speaking of which, if you're also wondering whether Reagan and Nick's kiss is going to send Jess into a jealous rage, then think again. In fact, you can expect the exact opposite to happen since Jess will want Reagan to become her instant BFF. (Classic Jess, am I right?) "I didn’t want to write a story with two women at each other’s throats," series creator Liz Meriwether explained to the site. "So we went the other direction with it. We kept all of the drama inside [Nick’s] head."

That's a much better option than the overplayed trope of women competing over a man — not to mention a highly appropriate one, considering that today is International Women's Day. We've seen the whole love triangle thing play out time and time again on the small screen, so it's a nice change of pace to witness two female characters bonding over their mutual respect for one another rather than at each other's throats over some guy. (No offense, Nick.)

So even though Reagan's fate on the show remains unclear, fans can at least take comforting in knowing that her departure will be on good terms with all of the characters and, most importantly, will leave the door open for many more loft visits in the future.

Images: Ray Mickshaw/FOX (2)