Conway's 'House Of Cards' Story Is Far From Over

It takes a bold political opponent to go up against the likes of the ruthless and cunning Frank Underwood and no one is better suited for the title than House of Cards Season 4 newcomer Will Conway. From the very day his character was introduced, it became clear that he was going to give Frank's presidential campaign a run for its money. Not only did he manage to tackle would-be PR nightmares (like the Pollyhop scandal) head on, but he also continuously one-upped Frank on the family values front by showcasing his loving wife and adorable children throughout every facet of social media. But it's going to take more than just one season to bring the Underwoods down. So will Conway return for House of Cards Season 5 and try to finish what he started? The odds are he won't be folding his hand anytime soon.

According to a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Joel Kinnaman, who plays Will Conway on the Netflix series, confirmed that his character will be back in some capacity next season, though, even he is unsure where and how exactly his storyline will progress. "I have a contract for a few episodes," Kinnaman revealed. "But we'll see what happens." So at the very least, viewers can expect to see him for a couple of episodes, regardless of whether or not he wins the race for President.

Personally, I'm very excited to see where the rest of Conway's story is going. He may have proven to have the upper hand in some matters, but the Season 4 finale showed that the Underwoods are ready to do whatever it takes to win — even if it means going to war to see that it happens. Is Conway capable of matching their ruthlessness? I highly doubt it, considering everything we've seen Frank and Claire do throughout their climb up the political ladder. But that doesn't mean that Conway won't make the task a lot harder for them, though, it could come at a very grave cost.

The actor gave no indication that his character is in any physical danger, but when you're dealing with this show, you come to realize that no one is safe from harm, especially those who go up against the Underwoods. Kinnaman said that he's signed on for a few episodes thus far. Could more be added? Of course. But it's also possible that the end of his contract symbolizes the end of his character's life. Not many people go toe-to-toe with Frank and live to tell the tale. Let's just hope that Conway is able to outsmart his opponent in the end. It could mean the difference between life or death.

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