Are Lauren B. & JoJo Friends After 'The Bachelor'? This Show Does Churn Out Its Share Of BFFs

If my 24 years of existence has taught me anything, it's that perhaps the last person on earth you'd want to be your best friend is your new boo's ex-bae. Though it's possible to accept the fact that your current squeeze has had relationships before you, it seems unlikely that his ex will become anything more to you than a passing thought (or perhaps, a recurring nightmare). Add to the already implausible scenario the fact that you and she dated him simultaneously, in full view of an audience of millions, and oh yeah, you were roommates at one point. This hellacious situation is real for the contestants of ABC's most popular dating show, so I'm particularly eager to see if JoJo and Lauren are friends after The Bachelor.

For all of the aforementioned reasons, it would seem logical if the two women left their interactions at polite exchanges at forced social events. However, the women on The Bachelor do seem to forge some real friendships during the time spent on the show, maybe bonding over the fact that their love lives are being exploited for TV ratings, or perhaps their similarities don't end at taste in men? With the final episode rapidly approaching, I'm interested to see what happens between the trio that is left. While it's still too early to tell if Lauren and JoJo are close post-filming (they don't really talk about each other on social media), this season did breed a number of new BFFs.

JoJo & Becca

JoJo and Becca's Instagrams seem to indicate who Becca is rooting for to win tonight, at the very least. At most, it seems like these two became fast friends, even while both competing for Ben's affection. Girl power!

Lauren & Amanda

The two women share more than gorgeous hair! Both of these ladies seem like genuinely compassionate souls, so it's great to see that they can overlook something so silly as having the same boyfriend and become true best friends forever.

Caila & Leah

Although Caila resides in Boston and Leah in Denver, it seems that these two ladies have made an effort to see each other after living together in the Bachelor mansion.

Lauren H. & Jen

Though these ladies may have received less screen time than other notable Bachelor alumnae (looking at you, Olivia and Lace), these sweet women have found a friend in each other. It is wonderful to see the women's lives outside of the Bachelor mansion.

Emily & Haley

I know, I know. They shared a womb so this should be a gimme, but I feel as though the experience of The Bachelor probably brought these twin sisters closer together. More than twins, they are now Eskimo sisters, and that is a fact that just can't be said about most people.

As for JoJo and Lauren? Well, it wouldn't be unheard of for the final pair to stay BFFs (Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Jef Holm, anyone?), but this dramatic season, and the people on it, may be something each of them wants to say goodbye to for good.

Image: ABC