Is Myriad On 'Supergirl' From DC Comics? Astra & Non's Plan Has Mysterious Origins

So far, Supergirl has taken liberties adapting material from various comic book sources, be it Supergirl or Superman or some other DC hero. Is Myriad on Supergirl in the comics? One would think that such an ominous phrase, best described as a master plan to rule planet Earth, would have a DC origin.

The answer is yes... but there's a catch. In DC Comics, Myriad is the alter-ego of a woman named Sasha Green. She is a martial arts instructor and was initially killed by Superman villain Lex Luthor, but was bitten by an alien and brought back to life with powers. Myriad can become anyone she touches and exhibits mind-control powers over others as well. However, her powers make her kind of a parasite, and the people whose identities she takes end up dead. The only way to sever a connection is to make the person Myriad is controlling kill themselves. Unsurprisingly, she worked as an assassin. Also, despite having taken on a myriad (get it) of personalities, Sasha suffers from amnesia after each "encounter" and goes on to the next person.

So, the question remains, is the Myriad from DC comics the same Myriad that Astra and Non have been talking about? I highly doubt it. Do I think someone named Sasha Green is going to show upon Supergirl? I do not. Casting has not been announced. I don't think that the Kryptonian villains would have staked their entire evil plot and "cure for humanity" on a single person. Plus, in the comics Sasha Green is from Earth — so why would she cause a Kryptonian hologram to self-destruct? The descriptions just don't add up.

That said, it does fit the show's mission statement that this show's mysterious Big Bad would be a female character. Supergirl has done a good job portraying as many types of women as possible, hero and villain. Still, I think the connection is coincidental, unless whatever Myriad ends up being somewhat resembles Myriad's powers.

I hope it doesn't, because the mass mind control on Jessica Jones is still giving me nightmares, but it's possible. All we know is that Myriad is super dangerous, whether it's from the comics or not.

Image: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.