Who Is "Insecurities" About? Justin Bieber’s New Song Could Mean He’s Moving On — VIDEO

As if there weren’t enough to be excited about already with enough Justin Bieber songs topping the charts to digest and deconstruct for months to come, the singer has gone ahead and surprised fans with an entirely new song. Because just as I was starting to get a hang of his new album and all of my own theories about who each song is about, Bieber performed an new song while on tour in Portland on Sunday night. Forgoing the fancy choreography and production value, Bieber sat on a couch on stage and, with an acoustic guitar, performed “Insecurities” for the first time for all of the world to hear. And like with every Bieber song that is addressed to a mysterious “you,” I have to wonder: Who is Justin Bieber's “Insecurities” really about?

Of course, as much as I would like the song to be about Selena Gomez and hint at some lingering drama/feelings between the two former flames, the song is a bit too sweet to be about Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend. Sure, there’s a chance that Bieber wrote the song when he was feeling a little more nostalgic about his ex, but the fact is that the tone of “Insecurities” is much more concerned and caring than the tone of, say, “Love Yourself.” Where “Love Yourself” is sort of spiteful and probably written about someone who the singer has had an extended relationship with, “Insecurities” sounds like a song you would sing to someone at the beginning of a relationship.

With lines like, “I want to give you everything that you need” and “I want to fix all of your insecurities,” this song is chock full of tender and optimistic moments that definitely suggest the beginning of a new relationship. But who is this new “you” that Bieber is singing to?

Although nothing has been confirmed, it’s very possible that the song is about Hailey Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin’s daughter. The two were spotted kissing over New Year’s. During a tropical holiday during which Baldwin and Bieber shared a number of intimate-looking photographs, Bieber posted a picture to his Instagram account showing the two locking lips.

So is it possible that “Insecurities” is about Hailey Baldwin? It definitely is. But, considering she hasn’t been seen on his Instagram in weeks, it’s also possible that the song is about someone else entirely.

Watch the video of his surprise performance below and decide for yourself.