Will 'Vanderpump Rules' Return For Season 5? There's So Much More We Need To See

Vanderpump Rules has been bringing restaurant drama to new heights for four seasons now, and this latest season has really upped the intensity. Every single relationship that the SUR crew has found themselves in has been a tumultuous one, creating an exciting chunk of episodes. In the Season 4 finale, airing March 14, Lisa Vanderpump will host Tom and Katie's engagement party, so things are bound to get heated and loose ends are bound to form. Since Season 4 will undoubtedly leave us wanting more, fans need to know, will Vanderpump Rules return for Season 5?

I certainly hope that it's coming back for another round. There are going to be so many crazy things that happen during the finale (after all, almost every cast member will be in attendance, including Stassi), they can't just leave it as it stands. Unfortunately, Vanderpump Rules hasn't been renewed for Season 5 yet. No official announcement has come, but this season's ratings have been generally on-par with Season 3, which were high enough to grant us a fourth season. So while nothing is official yet, there is definitely cause to be hopeful. Besides, there's so much more we need to see from Vanderpump Rules before it ends, like everything listed below.

Tom & Katie's Wedding

Tom and Katie's wedding is something that I need to see on TV. It's something I need to experience in my life. This isn't even a request — I am prohibiting this show from ending before there is an episode focused on their wedding. The end.

The Aftermath Of Lala's Outburst

The previews for the finale show a drunk Lala shouting for Kristen and Stassi to wrap up their speech at Katie's engagement party. We then see Katie jump up in their defense and basically tell her to kick rocks. That means this feud is only going to get better, and fans should be able to see all of the repercussions.

Jax & Brittany's Future

Can Jax really stay faithful? Will they get married like Brittany hopes to someday? Will all of their trips end as terribly as Hawaii did? These are things I need to know.


There's really no specific thing I need to see wrapped up about James, I just need to see what that dude is up to for a while longer. Hopefully, if there is another season, we will see a happy James — and one who has learned to treat women with more respect.

Charles McMansion

There was not enough emphasis on Tom Sandoval's musical endeavors and I think we need to see it peppered in more throughout a fifth season. And more music videos starring the whole SUR crew, obviously.

Ariana's Feuds

Will everyone stop getting on Ariana's back? Well she and Scheana become friends? I think everyone needs to give Ariana a break and I need to see this happen next season.

More Stassi

The queen is back. But she only just came back and now the season is already ending. We can't only have a couple of Stassi episodes — I've only heard a handful of her famous insults. I need more! Now that she, Kristen, and Katie are back to being a squad, you know things are about to get good.

Hopefully, the Season 4 finale and reunion bring more than enough ratings and drama to convince Bravo to order more Vanderpump Rules.

Image: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo