Yes, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Are Friends

As heartbreaking as it was to hear that after 10 years of marriage Jen and Ben were divorcing, their biggest fans should be happy to hear that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are still friends. Obviously, that doesn't make up for the devastation, or all those rumors about Affleck and the nanny (which Affleck's rep has adamantly denied), but it kind of lessens the pain — a little. During an interview with the New York Times, Affleck commented on splitting from Garner, in addition to her eye-opening chat with Vanity Fair.

"It never seems like a great time to have your privacy invaded," he admitted to the NYT. "Obviously this is a particularly hard time." That said, he and Garner are still getting along, or at least trying to be civil, which I can only imagine is for the sake of their three children, Violet, 10, Seraphina, 7, and Sam, 4.

After being asked about Garner's VF interview, he said, "She felt like she wanted to discuss it and get it out there and get it over with, so she could say, 'Look, I already talked about it — I don’t want to do it again.' It’s fine. She’s allowed to talk about it." The Batman vs Superman star also added, "Jen’s great. She’s a great person. We’re on great terms. I just saw her this morning, so that’s the reality that I live in."

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In fact, they're on such "great terms" that Affleck told the NYT Garner and their kids are planning to visit him in Europe while he films Justice League. That way, they can vacation together as a family. Plus, they've been spotted together since announcing their split, like when they had brunch with their kids. Do you really need further proof of their apparent friendship? If so, Garner even admitted the following to Vanity Fair:

The main thing is these kids — and we’re completely in line with what we hope for them. Sure, I lost the dream of dancing with my husband at my daughter’s wedding. But you should see their faces when he walks through the door. And if you see your kids love someone so purely and wholly, then you’re going to be friends with that person.

See? I'm sure many would think they would be at odds, but they are friends, or rather, choosing to be friends for their children. Can you really blame them? As hard as it must be for both of them, especially after a decade together, I respect them for how they are handling everything amicably.