When Do LORAC’s Light Source Illuminating Highlighters Come Out? Mark Your Calendars

Summer is almost here and that means it's highlighting season, y'all. Whether you've hit the bottom of the pan on Champagne Pop, are ready to try something new, or are embracing highlighting for the first time, there is plenty of product on the market to choose from, the latest of which comes from an incredible brand. If you're wondering when LORAC's new Light Source Illuminating Highlighters come out, I've got some good news for you. You don't have to wait long. .

LORAC is releasing four paraben-free, high-pearl highlighters on Sunday, March 20, on Ulta.com. The brand-new highlighters are infused with anti-aging ingredients and light diffusing, soft focus pigments. They're perfect for dry and damaged skin, since it works to soothe skin and create a natural glow. Intense highlights can be harsh on dry, aging, or textured skin, so soft-focus is definitely more your style if you fall into any of those categories.

The line comes in four shades that range from peachy and pink to warm and cool-toned brown. Very fair skin will see the most diversity in this line, since you can use the darkest color for a great contour, while the pink-toned highlight could work as a natural blush. Medium to deep skin tones could find a highlight and a bronzer in this line-up, and very deep skin tones will find a very natural highlight.

Each will retail for $22.00 on Ulta's website. Here's a look at each shade.


A gorgeous, shimmery highlight.


A soft peach that could be used as blush.


A golden shade that could be used as bronzer.


A deeper hue that's perfect for contouring.

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Images: LORAC