Ben Higgins Could Be Getting Married On Live TV

This is huge, guys. Apparently, Ben Higgins could be getting married live on After The Final Rose , and it would be a first in Bachelor history. As soon as The Bachelor season finale kicked off on Monday night, Chris Harrison made a very interesting announcement: If all goes as planned, Ben will be tying the knot with his final rose recipient live on TV, in front of America and Bachelor Nation and everyone. Both JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell's parents are in the house, and so is a very large, rose covered wedding arch. And, in case that's not enough to convince you, Ben's favorite pastor from back home is waiting in the wings, too. This is real!

I mean, I know that Chris Harrison warned us that this would be one of the most dramatic season finales ever, but since he says that every year, I tend not to take him at his word. But, this time, he might actually be right, and the anticipation is nuts. Remember how Ben said he would marry his fiancée tomorrow if he could? He may end up having to put his money where his mouth is, and even though it may not be the smartest decision, it would definitely be the most entertaining.

So, will this actually happen? Will Ben actually get married on live TV and in front of the rejected woman's family? Thinking about the implications of this TV stunt are enough to drive you crazy, but we'll just have to wait and see when the finale ends and After The Final Rose begins. Oh, The Bachelor. Just when I think I can predict what happens on this show, they throw us a loop like this. Keep it coming!

Image: Matt Dunn/ABC