JoJo's Reaction To Being Dumped On 'The Bachelor' Was Heartbreaking & Perfect

It's official: Ben Higgins' season finale of The Bachelor might just be one of the most heartbreaking ever. After being clearly very conflicted about whether he should choose JoJo or Lauren, the time finally came for him to make a decision. And after a really tearful, really upsetting final date with JoJo, she met the unfortunate fate of being the first one to meet Ben on proposal day. If you've seen the show before, you know that means that she was getting sent home, and JoJo's reaction to Ben's rejection was nothing short of heartbreaking to watch.

After Ben gave her a speech about everything she's meant to him through this whole process, he laid it all out there: He's still in love with her, but there's someone he loved more. And through it all, JoJo held it together exceptionally well. Where someone else might have totally lost it, JoJo remained even keeled and heard him out. In fact, they even walked over to the limo hand in hand, and it wasn't until she was about to leave that the reality of the situation actually hit her. There were tears (from everyone involved) and it wasn't pretty at all.

Just as you'd imagine, poor JoJo was totally blindsided, and in the limo on the way out of there, she admitted that she started this day seriously thinking that she was going to be proposed to. And, like anyone who's ever been through a breakup, JoJo admitted that she wished she could hate him, but she just can't. Instead, she felt bad that Ben was crying. JoJo, why are you such a sweet person, even after being dumped?!

In the end, JoJo's looking for real love that she can depend on, and even though it's a bummer she's not going to find that with Ben, now she has the chance to find it with someone who will return her feelings the way she wants them to. You go out there and get that true love, girl! I am rooting for you.

Image: Jean Whiteside/ABC