Ben Higgins' Mom On 'The Bachelor' Is All Of Us When She Learns He Loves Both Women

Ben has been losing some of his "Best Bachelor" luster lately between the double love bomb he dropped on JoJo and Lauren B., to the cold way he brought Caila to the Fantasy Suite and then sent her packing from Jamaica. Still, there were times where I thought I may be being too hard on young Ben. But then the finale brought his parents into the situation and my frustration with him was suddenly validated. Ben's mom agrees with Bachelor Nation right now. She is not pleased with her son's predicament.

Ben's mom is legitimately all of us right now. Ben confessed the tough pickle he has found himself in to her, because a mom's advice is always the best advice. But, when he told her that he loves two ladies but has failed to let them both know that he loves another girl, his mom kept it entirely real with her son in a way that only a mother can. She was horrified. She actually said, "To know that Ben could possibly be in love with two women... that's disturbing to me." Can I get a hallelujah? Momma Higgins is just saying what we all feel.

Ben's parents seemed to be super nervous during their meeting with Lauren. And, after he let them know that she's one of two, I think they felt a little concerned and thrown off.

Basically, despite the totally odd situation Ben's mom kept it realer than real and we of Bachelor Nation respect that. Someone had to say it, and I'm glad it was someone he might actually listen to.

Image: Matt Dunn/ABC