The 'PLL' Twin May Have Tragic Connections

It's a running joke among Pretty Little Liars fans that a character's death definitely doesn't mean they're gone for good. I mean, funerals are par for the course on this show and plenty of services have been held for characters who have ultimately turned out to be very much alive. Thanks to Rosewood's wildly incompetent police department, death certificates are basically meaningless in this town. But, when it comes to who has a twin on Pretty Little Liars, I think we should take a close look at some of the major character deaths that have occurred over the past six seasons.

I. Marlene King has provided several clues via social media — most importantly, she has confirmed that the twins in question are identical. If the twin is related to a character death, this clue is huge because it means that perhaps we've been duped into believing a dead character is actually alive. Either way, I think it's worth looking at a few characters who have been killed off. Whether they're still believed to be dead or they've rejoined the world of the living, here are four characters who may have a twin. And for even more twin theories, check out Bustle's PLL podcast Taking This One To The Grave.

1. Mrs. DiLaurentis

I know, I know — how many "secret" members of the DiLaurentis family could possibly be out there? But, as Bustle's Kaitlin Reilly and Christine DiStasio have pointed out, last week's scene of Mrs. D visiting Ali in the hospital felt different than the show's typical dream sequences — many elements of it pointed towards reality. So, does this mean Mrs. D is alive? Not necessarily. She may have a twin who is hanging around Rosewood hoping to solve the mystery of her sister's death. And, if she suspects the Liars were involved, the aforementioned twin could be working with the new A.

If Mrs. D is indeed the twin, an alternate scenario could mean she is alive and her sister is dead. Since her killer remains at large, the motive for her murder is also unknown. But, if Mrs. D knew that someone was after her, she may have gone into hiding — much like Ali did after being attacked by Charlotte. In this scenario, Mrs. D's twin could have been killed in a case of mistaken identity.

2. Bethany Young

I'm still waiting for Bethany Young to somehow become relevant. Aside from the shot of her as a child on the roof of Radley, we've never actually seen what Bethany would look like as a teenager or young adult. Could this be because she was someone's twin? If Bethany did have a twin, Mona and Melissa better watch their backs because she could be hiding in plain sight as she plots revenge on the two young women responsible for her sister's death. And, if Bethany's twin and A are working together, this scenario could explain why Melissa received the first threatening text that prompted her to leave Rosewood in a hurry.

3. Mona

Mona is one of the most enigmatic characters on Pretty Little Liars — and that's really saying something considering this show is full of shady folks. She has vacillated between tormenting the Liars and wanting to be BFFs with them. Could that be because we (and everyone else) have unknowingly been watching two different people? Reddit user the_glow_ suggests that the original A was actually Mona's twin and the real Mona has always been loyal to Hanna. Mona's twin may have targeted Ali and the Liars because she felt they mistreated her sister.

Mona looked pretty dead in "Death Becomes Her" — and maybe she really was. Since Charlotte was all-knowing, she could have subsequently kidnapped Mona's twin and held her hostage in the Dollhouse. This theory also suggests that Mona's twin killed Charlotte in an act of revenge.

4. Ali

Like Mona, Ali was presumed dead for an extended period of time and has displayed a vast array of conflicting personality traits. Although we still don't know Sara Harvey's exact connection to Charlotte, it could be a significant clue that Charlotte wanted two girls dressed as Ali in the Dollhouse — Mona and Sara. Could this be because she subconsciously knew that Ali had an identical twin and she was trying to recreate her family?

Plus, Ali has adopted multiple disguises and aliases throughout the show (most notably Red Coat and Vivian Darkbloom). And, after the Creepy Dancer sequence at Radley, Spencer told Mona that the little girl she saw resembled Ali. These could all be clues that Ali is the character with a twin.

The new A won't be unmasked for a long time, but hopefully the finale's twin reveal will be exciting enough to hold us over until Season 7.

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