The One 'PLL' Twin Theory You Haven't Thought Of

by Kaitlin Reilly

It's been five (TV) years since Charlotte DiLaurentis was revealed to be Big A — and now, despite their traumas, the Liars are up against an even more sinister Big Bad. Season 6B introduced two seemingly brand-new villains who both want something from the girls: Uber A wants to find out who killed Charlotte, while Charlotte's killer will do anything to shut the girls up and stop them from identifying the real murderer. Though spoilers from showrunner I. Marlene King suggest that we won't get the identity of the biggest bad in the PLL Season 6B finale, it looks like we will get one insane reveal. According to King, someone on Pretty Little Liars has a secret identical twin — and after Tuesday's episode "Did You Miss Me?" there's a very real chance that Mrs. DiLaurentis could have a twin.

We haven't seen Mrs. DiLaurentis since the flashback in the Season 6A finale, and we haven't seen her when she was alive since before Ali came back to Rosewood. However, the bizarre dream sequence in Tuesday's episode may have totally flipped the script on us all, making us question everything we thought we knew about Mrs. DiLaurentis' death. In the episode, Ali falls down the stairs and has to stay overnight in the hospital, which is when Mrs. DiLaurentis "visits" Ali to tell her how happy Dr. Rollins will make her. It's a nice moment, but there's an eeriness to it — and not just because Mrs. DiLaurentis was always ridiculously shady when alive. The eeriness comes from the fact that the scene felt very real.

As Bustle's Christine Distasio pointed out, unlike many of the Liars' flashbacks and dream sequences which feature more vibrant colors or hazier images, this scene looked just like any other "real" moment. For me, the oddest moment of the scene was when Mrs. DiLaurentis told Ali to get some rest — and then proceeded to leave the room via the door. Why would a ghost, or a figment of Ali's imagination, leave the room when Ali closed her eyes? The scene could have just as easily cut to Ali waking up, but it seems that they wanted us to see Mrs. DiLaurentis leave — perhaps hinting that she's more real than she's ever been.

What could this scene mean? It certainly seems like Mrs. DiLaurentis might still be alive — but that's not all it hints. It also suggests that, maybe, Mrs. DiLaurentis has a double walking around town, and that she could be this elusive twin that King is referring to. Need further evidence? Here's the photo that King posted on her Instagram:

While there are quite a few possibilities of blonde characters who could have a twin, no other blonde got as big of a moment in the penultimate finale episode. I'm thinking Mrs. DiLaurentis might have been keeping an even bigger secret than ever expected.

Image: Freeform; WeHeartIt