Jay Z Wants A Donald Drumpf Hat Now, Because That 'Last Week Tonight' Segment Hit Home For Everybody

TV host John Oliver's recently requested that both his viewers and the American public at large campaign against GOP candidate Donald Trump's bid for president by bringing back his ancestral surname, Drumpf. Oliver created a Donald J. Drumpf website, he started a hashtag, and his show's team built a Chrome extension to change every instance of "Trump" to "Drumpf" on the browser. And from Oliver's own anecdotal accounts, provided during his Monday night appearance on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, it appears he's getting Drumpf-related requests from some of the biggest names around. The Last Week Tonight host may be totally worthy of a a celebrity phone call, but the reason Jay Z called John Oliver is actually kind of unbelievable.

It was pretty unlikely that Oliver was going to make it through his visit to Colbert's show without addressing the Drumpf in the room, and he gave viewers just what they were hoping for when he turned the conversation to the "Make Donald Drumpf Again" baseball caps being sold by his show. Then he went above and beyond by tying rapper, business mogul, and husband of Queen Bey into the discussion.

According to Oliver, the encounter went down like this: Jay Z called HBO, the network which airs Last Week Tonight, to ask if he could have one of those awesome Donald Drumpf hats. HBO was running low on stock, though, since they may not have planned for the response to the Drumpf campaign to become quite the success that it did. So Oliver — being as entrepreneurial as Jay Z himself — tried to convince the musical artist to fork up some money for the stylish headwear.

Oliver was blunt in expressing why he felt it necessary to play hard to get before handing over a Drumpf hat to the rapper. Though Oliver was down to get those caps onto the heads of folks in general, he and his network weren't exactly prepared for a celebrity spokes-couple of that level:

If he [Jay Z] puts that on his head in public, you're going to need a lot more hats. If his wife puts it on in public, we're no longer a TV show, we're a hat manufacturing company.

The hilarious bedtime story narrated by Oliver ended on an even better note when Colbert piled on more hat humor for all to enjoy.

Does that mean the network won't have time to produce more Game of Thrones? Because the hats probably aren't worth it, then.