'She's The Man' Proves Channing Tatum Always Had Those 'Magic Mike' Moves

Ten years ago it was 2006 and Channing Tatum wasn't exactly somebody yet, but he was about to be. The actor would wind up starring in two movies that would jump start his career: Step Up and She's The Man, the latter co-starring a pre-breakdown Amanda Bynes. But even back then, Channing Tatum had those Magic Mike moves in She's The Man. This is no surprise, Magic Mike is partially based on his former career as a male stripper in Florida. Who knew that experience would lead him to stardom later on?

According to Us Weekly and Perez Hilton, Tatum worked as a male exotic dancer when he was 18 under the name "Chan Crawford." Eventually, it all worked out because he was discovered by a casting agent while he was dancing on stage and the rest is history. We know from Magic Mike that Tatum has a way of moving his body that's way beyond compare — and those moves are definitely evident in Step Up . But you may not have expected that they're also on display in She's the Man, a quirky gender-swap comedy in which Bynes plays Viola, a soccer player who joins the team at an all-boy's school as her brother, Sebastian. She develops a crush on Sebastian's roommate Duke (Tatum), who is confident on the field, but not with women.

But hey, at least he's got the moves. Check 'em out below.

The "Fashionable Flip Phone" Move

Making flip phones cool again one head/hair flip at a time.

The "I'm So Excited" Shuffle

Too cute. I'm hoping he also did this one when he wrote the infamous 22 Jump Street Sony e-mail. Or maybe when he heard he got the role in The Hateful Eight.

The "You're Being An Idiot" Whip

For expressing his honest feedback with a handy towel and nice extension of it.

The "Shirtless Oh No You Didn't" Nuh-Uh

When he wants to be sexy, but skeptical.

The "Klutzy" Boogie Woogie

For when he's not paying attention to your surroundings and caught unaware. Whoopsie.

The "Let's Be Honest" Ball Juggle

Swoon. He gets touchy-feely here with the soccer ball, but mostly his feelings on relationships.

The "Dudes Do Not Approve" Cha-Cha

Shake that head and say no. Do not pass go or collect $200. Just say no. Listen to those faces — and abs.

The "We Just Saw A Spider & It's Freaking Us Out" Samba

Commence freak out now — and dance.

The "Victory On The Field" Jive

You need a whole team for this one — and a coach to mildly creep out a bit.

The "Hold Me I'm Scared, But This Is Getting Weird" Tango

It's especially weird when he almost kisses his roommate, who he believes is merely a soccer teammate and not a girl who's an impostor.

The "I Totally Buy That You're A Guy" Jig

Sealed with a fist bump.

The "Cheese Conversation" Waltz

It's just cheese, or is it?

The "GOAL! VICTORY!" Lambada

They're winners in love — and what better way to celebrate than dancing?

Images: Paramount Pictures; Giphy (12)