Here's What Happens When You Mix Kylie Lip Kits

We already know that Kylie Lip Kits are superior products. These suede-like and magic matte liquid lipsticks adhere to lips, don't budge, and give you that pouty, "notice me" lip look without drying out your pout. Kylie Lip Kits have proven hard to get but they are so worth the wait. The Kylie Lip Kits come in seven shades —22, Candy K, Dolce K, Koko K, Mary Jo K, True Brown K, and Posie K, ranging from neutrals to nudes to pinks to red to orange to brown. We already know you can use the KLK as an eyeliner, as one digital makeup maven proved. We also know you can use Kylie Lip Kits without the accompanying liner, even though they are better together. But can you mix Kylie Lip Kit colors, ultimately "kustomizing" your lipstick and your pucker?

At first, I was like "No way" when confronted with such a thought. The Lip Kits are so strong when it comes to color and texture that the idea of mixing shades felt like... something you just don't do. Then the Kylie Cosmetics official Instagram reposted a video of a fan mixing the burnt orange 22 and the bright pink Posie K for a brand new Kylie Lip Kit color.

Let's observe her artistry.

Wow, right? I was skeptical at first but I quickly came around upon seeing the end result. It's a gorgeous mashup of two colors that are pretty on their own but awesome together, as well. This makeup lover appears to have mixed the two shades on the back of her hand and then applied the custom shade with a makeup brush, as opposed to the provided wand.

Imagine the kombos that fans can come up with, using this video as inspo! I would think that the soft, velvet, and pale pink Koko K would soften the depth and the darkness of True Brown K, no?

Whatever the case, this clip illustrates the versatility of the Lip Kits. There is nothing wrong with wearing them "as is" or with getting creative and literally mixing them up.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2)