9 Colorful Eyeshadow Palettes Perfect For Spring

Spring is officially here. While pollen and a lack of sleep — cough Daylight Savings cough — can mark the beginning days of the season, remember all the gorgeous beauty updates that come along with warmer weather, like an abundance of color. These colorful eyeshadow palettes for spring eye looks are going to be your best friend from March until May, and they'll help you embrace color like a boss. Whether you just want to add a pop of vibrancy or you're looking to be a bit more dramatic, colorful shadows are the best way to do it. From Urban Decay to TooFaced, beauty brands really know how to mix neutrals and color, and it's going to make any makeup addict's day to see the countless options.

I'm not going to lie, autumn and winter makeup looks are some of my favorites. From warm coppers to deep brown smoky eyes, the cooler seasons offer rich, warmth that is almost unmatched. However, come spring, cooler tones and vibrant hues seem to be on everyone's minds. With cosmetics brands like Too Faced and MakeupGeek launching new, colorful products for the season, it's pretty hard to resist trying out color. Plus, makeup artists predict that color will play a bigger role in looks for spring 2016, and with YouTube gurus showing you how to flawlessly get the look, why not reach for that gorgeous teal you've been eyeing?

The increase in popularity for color this season is why these colorful eyeshadow palettes are going to give you a spring look perfect for embracing all the vibrancy of the season.

Neutral Meets Color

The Edit Eyeshadow Palette, $48, Estée Lauder

Golds, shimmers, purples, and neutrals? This palette has it all.

Pretty in Pink

Tarte Tartlette Tease, $23, Sephora

Pink is probably one of the most popular colors for spring, and this gorgeous mix of pinks, golds, and eggplant is beyond gorgeous.

Color For All

Vice4 Color Palette, $53, Urban Decay

You knew this had to make the cut, right? This perfect palette for Urban Decay features colors perfect for all skins. From the deepest tones to the palest ladies, theres something in this palette for everyone.

Options, Options, Options

Smashbox ART.LOVE.COLOR Masterclass, $45, Sephora

You wanted options? Meet this baby. Pinks, blues, purples, shades for all tones. This combination of cheek and eye colors gives you lots of room to play around with.

Bold Hues

Artist Palette Volume 2, $34, Make Up Forever

Stunning, bold, and vibrant, these beautiful shimmers are perfect for ladies with deeper skin tones or for those looking to rock a dramatic eye.

Pastel Perfection

Sugary Sweet Eyeshadow Palette, $32, Too Faced

Here's looking at you, you perfect pastel teal shade.

Colorful Shimmer

Shadow Box Eyeshadow Palette, $34, Urban Decay

Want to add a bit of shimmer to that colorful eye look? Urban Decay has you covered.

Affordable Color

Avant POP! Shadow Palette, $17, NYX

Wide range of colors for an affordable cost? Yes, please.

Spring Splurge

Eyeshadow Palette 28 Purple Blue, $239, Natasha Denona Makeup Studio

Look, I know it's a splurge. These colors were just too good to pass up. With vibrant aquas, deep purples, and gorgeous warm neutrals, this palette is perfect for all skin tones and features a huge range of color.

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Images: Courtesy of brands