How To Make The Wrong Shade Of Foundation Work

Real talk: One of the biggest struggles when it comes to the beauty game is finding that perfect foundation in a shade that is your exact match — especially at the drugstore where you can't even swatch the formulas. But in the inevitable case that you pick up a color that isn't quite right, there are plenty of ways to make the wrong shade of foundation work for you. Because even if you do find a color that's almost exactly right, as the seasons change and you become tanner or paler, that once-perfect shade might not be so great a fit anymore.

So to combat the frustrations of having to guess at our right shade, or even thinking we swatched the right shade in that store lighting only to find out when we leave that it's actually all wrong, we have to be a little flexible. And by flexible, I mean mixologists. Because all it really takes to correct the wrong shade of foundation is knowing what to combine with it to turn it into a match. Here are five ways to turn that seemingly too dark, too light, or even too warm or cool-toned foundation into your perfect shade.

1. Mix It With Another Foundation

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If you have another foundation, whether it matches you or not, try mixing the two. Experiment with different amounts of each to see if you're able to reach your desired hue. Hey, if you like one formula better than the other too, mixing foundations can help achieve the kind of coverage or finish you prefer.

2. Mix It With A Moisturizer

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If you don't mind slightly lighter coverage, mixing your foundation with a moisturizer can help with the color match. Taking down the opacity will help the foundation's color blend more seamlessly into your skin, so any demarcation lines won't be so obvious.

3. Remember To Drag It Down Your Neck

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We know that to avoid that harsh foundation line, it's important to blend beneath the jaw. But if the color of your foundation is slightly off and you don't have anything to mix in to make it lighter or darker, dragging it further down your neck and properly blending it in can help make it look more like the right shade. This is because a gradual color change looks more natural than a blunt one, and the slight shade that necks already have make it more ambiguous if a color is slightly off.

4. Add Bronzer Or A Lighter Powder

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If the color difference is only slightly off, try topping your foundation with a lighter face powder or bronzer. A light dusting of powder will help adjust your base without overcorrecting. Another way to go is to powder your neck to make it better match your face.

5. Try Correctors

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Whether you need to really lighten or darken, or even add some warmth or an olive tone to your foundation, try a corrector made especially for customizing foundation. Just remember with these pro-type products, a little goes a long way.

Images: Courtesy of Brands