I Tried "Puppy Liner" & This Is How It Looked

When it comes to makeup, there's nothing I love more than applying cat eyeliner. After being an outspoken enthusiast when it comes to putting on a pair of eye wings, I was pretty put off when I heard about the Korean trend called "puppy liner." While there have been many Korean beauty trends that have gone beyond viral, this trend was one I was super skeptical about embracing. Still, I was curious — what is puppy eyeliner exactly?

Clinique broke it down for me. "Straight from tastemakers in Korea: The Puppy Eyeliner look is undeniably charming. This technique accentuates the natural roundness of your eyes, making them look bigger, cuter, and well, just as irresistible as a little puppy." OK, well it sounds adorable.

If you're still a bit confused, Beauty Blitz explains that "while the cat eye is a flick of eyeliner that extends out and upward, the puppy eye extends out and slightly downward, elongating your eye shape to create a look that's more rounded and cute than fiercely feline."

If it's good enough for an entire country, I decided it was worth a try. Plus, since Korea's beauty trends are all about being youthful, doe-eyed, and glowy, I thought it would be a nice switch-up from my normal intense cat eyes.

The only thing I was worried about was making my eyes look a little too droopy. Naturally, I already have really round eyes that sort of have a puppy look, so I didn't know if adding extra liner that way would make my eyes look too enhanced. I still really wanted to try it out, though! Here's what happened when I did.

My Tools

Sephora Collection Long Lasting Eyeliner High Precision Brush, $12, Sephora

I decided to go with my trusty Sephora liquid eyeliner.

1. I Started From The Inner Corners Of My Eye & Moved My Brush Across

I moved from the inner corners of my eyes and followed through all the way across. It was really simple to do. I would suggest to stick as close to your waterline as possible so that you can keep the liner precise and consistent.

2. I Made It A Little Thicker On The Bottom

To emphasize the puppy look, I make the bottom corner of my eyes a little thicker. Just trace your whole lid first and then add extra layers on top of it until it's as thick as you want it to be.

3. I Connected The Liner With A Little Wing On My Lower Lid

After I was finished with my top lid, I created a little wing to connect it with. I started at the bottom corner and moved inward. This allowed my puppy liner to look more doe-eyed and sweet.

4. I Lined My Upper Eyelid With Pencil Eyeliner

NYX Eye Liner Pencil In Jet Black, $8, Macy's

I also filled in my top lid with pencil liner to add more drama to the look. It really enhanced the liner on my top eyelid.

The Verdict

Overall, I actually really enjoyed puppy liner! Although I may not wear it as much as I wear my cat eyeliner, I definitely think that this look is very sweet and youthful looking. It also didn't make my eyes look too droopy. It was actually pretty subtle!

What's more, it was actually really simple to do. Since you don't have to really match any wings or get precise locations on where to put your eyeliner, all you really need to do is to follow your natural eyelid line. Instead of putting yourself through the emotional stages of wearing winged eyeliner, consider puppy eyeliner as it's way easier and quicker to accomplish. Plus, it's pretty darn cute!

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Images: Danelle Sandoval