The 'Real World: Go Big Or Go Home' Cast Proves Season 31 Will Be An Instant Classic

MTV's The Real World is entering it's 31st season — yes, 31st. And given that if you're reading this, you've probably lived through at least a couple dozen of those seasons, it's enough to make the show feel ancient. But in 24 years, the show's formula has remained surprisingly simple: gather a group of young people, add alcohol and cameras, and wait for drama. But The Real World : Go Big Or Go Home cast is ready to put their stamp on the landmark reality series — that subtitle is no joke. This cast wants to make a big first impression, and that means weekly competitions that could result in cast members going home if they don't measure up.

Since the series began over 20 years ago, it has become more than just a reality show. The Real World, at this point, is more of an audition process where the best cast members get called up to the major leagues: MTV's The Challenge. The Challenge always needs "rookies" to join each season, get chewed up, spit out, and eventually turn them into lean, mean, $100,000-check-cashing veterans. So read on to meet this Real World cast, and keep in mind that if they make enough of an impression, this might not be the last time you see them on your TV.


Sabrina Kennedy has adopted the Go Big or Go Home credo in her real life, not just Real World life. She just finished her first EP, "If Only." And as she tweeted, she's also finishing her degree this year, so starring on a reality show didn't slow her down one bit.


Dean is an aspiring actor with a few IMDB credits to his name, mostly for short films and TV episodes, but he'll be making a much bigger splash playing himself on The Real World. According to this tweet from fellow cast member Jenna, Dean is a memorable dancer. And Dean's Instagram suggests that he's memorable in a good way. I love when Real World cast members have secret talents!


As the preview above shows, Kailah is going to be flirting with Dione. He doesn't seem super impressed, but she's determined. That determination extends to the drama she's been promising her fans is on the way. A Florida native and college grad, Kailah's MTV bio credits her as a former "mean girl" and cheerleader who's trying to turn over a new leaf... I smell a possible villain. A wonderful, entertaining villain.


Dione's Twitter profile calls him a "jungle boy," and that seems reflected in his lack of interest in wearing a shirt. And since he's already spending most of his time shirtless, I predict potentially multiple romantic entanglements for him.


Chris is kind of similar to Dione, looks-wise — it seems when it came time to cast this season, man-buns were in. But his personality is a bit more serious. Chris' upbringing as a conservative Mormon and his journey to come to terms with his sexuality, which he described in a video for MTV, make him seem a little more mature than some of his fellow cast members. I think that past will help ground him through some of the no-doubt ridiculous challenges the show has planned.


Jenna is a country girl who, according to her MTV bio, grew up in South Carolina, and moving into the Real World house in Las Vegas will probably be a huge culture shock. Like Sabrina, Jenna is also a singer. Oh, and she apparently loves tanning with olive oil.


CeeJai's casting tape for the show is charming and hilarious — so hopefully that's the role she plays in the house (she does say that dating can be a weak spot for her, so there may be unfortunate hookups in the future). And like a classic Real World contestant, she may challenge the views of her fellow cast members with her strongly anti-gun stance, and has ambitions to become an attorney.

There you have it — this Real World: Go Big or Go Home cast may be small on numbers, but they promise a truly classic season in the best way possible: a group of very different strangers brought together to see what kind of chemistry (and, in this season, physical and emotional strength) emerges.

Images: MTV (6)