Map To Get Out Of Writer's Block Is A Writer Must

It happens to the best of us. You're five pages into your latest writing sesh, when suddenly... suddenly... you've got nothing. You've been hit by writer's block, and it's just about the worst thing that can happen to a creative person. But don't worry. The NY Book Editors have a Map to Get Out of Writer's Block, and it's pretty damn awesome.

Everyone has her own methods for beating writer's block. Some people like to take long walks in the woods, while others read, paint, or play video games to forget their plotting woes. Still others just write through the block, putting crappy words on the page until they get their groove back.

Whatever your writer's block buster is, I think you can always do with another one. The more tools in your box, the more prepared you'll be. That's my philosophy, anyway.

Like a workshop partner, the Map to Get Out of Writer's Block asks you where the problem is — plot? character? stylistic woes? — and gives you a solution, and another, and another. Because, you know, sometimes the first thing you try just doesn't work.

Check out the full-color version of the Map to Get Out of Writer's Block below. Happy writing!

Image: Studio Firma/Stocksy; NY Book Editors