Stassi Schroeder Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Will Be In A Movie Because Sometimes, Special Things Happen

Hey, fellow Pump fiends? You might want to hold onto your statement necklaces for this one: Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder will be in a motion picture. On Tuesday’s episode of Straight Up With Stassi , Schroeder's semiweekly podcast, the pinot grigio-swilling Bravolebrity knocked over a tall glass of news: she has a part in a movie. Over the weekend, Stassi spent 12 hours on a film set shooting scenes for a feature film. Well, I'll be. Our little Stassinator will be a star of the silver screen (assuming this isn't a made-for-TV production, that is)!

While she could not explicitly say what the movie was, what the movie is called, what the movie is about, how her role came to be, who she worked with, where audiences will be able to watch the movie, or when this movie will be released, the Schroeds did not leave her listeners completely high and dry: The comeback kid of Pump Rules oh-so generously revealed that she will play a “boss b*tch” nuclear rocket scientist.

Stassi. Schroeder. Boss. B*tch. Nuclear. Rocket. Scientist. Quite frankly, I have heard all I need to hear. And quite frankly, I could not be anymore on board. My kingdom for this movie! Please direct me to where I can input my debit card information, because I am raring to give this flick every last cent I have. This movie already means so much to me.

And yes, I will do my best to keep tabs on any and all Boss B*tch Nuclear Rocket Scientist news.

Image: bricesander/tumblr