'Pump Rules' Stassi & Scheana Take A Big Leap

Forget about handing your enemy the olive branch that you plucked from the stunning tree planted in the middle of a restaurant, because that move is so The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5. Nowadays, reality show frenemies-turned-enemies-turned-friends patch things up by taking an elevator to the top of a Las Vegas hotel, signing all of the necessary waivers, watching all of the necessary safety videos, strapping on all of the necessary helmets, hopping into all of the necessary harnesses, taking all of the necessary deep breaths, and jumping off of a building. Over the weekend, Vanderpump Rules stars/ex-rivals Stassi Schroeder and Scheana Shay bungee jumped off of the Stratosphere. Together. I repeat: Stassi and Scheana went to the City of Lights and voluntarily hopped off of the tallest building in the state of Nevada. Together.

Wow. If that isn't symbolic, then I am a sentient Pumptini.

So, did the former adver-SUR-ies (sorry not sorry) go to Vegas strictly for this controlled descent adventure? That'd be hilarious, but no. The former adversaries went to Sin City to watch DJ Mike Shay on the 1s and 2s at Ghostbar. [Insert obligatory "b*tch ghost" joke here.]

The morning after the event, Shay's wife and her ex-foe invited Twitter followers to mosey on over to Snapchat.

Don't worry, no false eyelashes were harmed in the making of this SkyJump.

Hey, bungeeing off the Stratosphere is one way to decompress after taping a reunion.