Britney's Airport Hairdo Is A Perfect Throwback

Monday evening, grilled corn connoisseur Britney Spears created a Curious-scented tidal wave of nostalgia when she rolled up to LAX wearing her locks in two perfectly plaited pigtails. As Us Weeklypoints out, Spears's airport braids hark back to the iconic hairstyle from the "...Baby One More Time" music video (yes, even without the pink fuzzy scrunchies or fuchsia ribbon). Godney's 'do is an A+ tribute to the 1998 vid. A throwback that would speak to the heart of any Total Request Live fan.

Eager to hear how Spears's former costars felt about this subtle nod to their work, I reached out to the braids from the “…Baby One More Time” video for comment. The “…Baby One More Time” plaits were very moved when they saw that Spears brought back the coiffure that will forever be associated with the pop star’s first music video. So much so, they broke into song. Here is what Britney's old braids sang:

Oh Braidney, BraidneyWhere did the pink scrunchies go?Why didn’t you wear ‘em on your flight, dear?Oh Braidney, BraidneyWe will tell you though-oh-oh-ohThat you look out of sight, yeah.

BraidneyDo you remember how it usedTo be?Tell us, Braidney'Cause we need to know nowOh braidcause

Your braidlinessIs killing usAnd weWe must confessWe still braid-lieve (still braid-lieve)When we're not your braidsWe lose our mindsGive us a coh-oh-ohmbPlait us, BraidneyOne more time

Oh Braidney, Braidney.

Image: yesiamarebelliousflower/tumblr