Will Mariah Carey’s Series Feature Her Wedding?

by Emily Lackey

If all you’ve ever wanted for Christmas was a behind-the-scenes look at Mariah Carey’s ridiculously fabulous life, then get excited: It may not be Christmas for some time, but Carey is going to be gracing our TV screens very soon. It was announced Tuesday that Carey will be the subject of an eight-part docu-series entitled Mariah’s World. According to E! Online, the series is set to give fans an inside look into the legendary singer's life, including all of the very exciting things she has been up to lately. However, as a fan, there’s one thing and one thing only that I want to know about this new reality series, and that is: Will it feature Mariah Carey’s wedding to James Packer, the Australian business mogul she's engaged to?

Let’s deconstruct the few details that E! has released about the new reality series. That way, we can see if there’s any way to find out for sure. Because, along with the news that the series was coming soon, E! also announced that the show would give fans VIP access inside Mariah Carey’s Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour. That means you’ll be able to see her in all of her backstage glory, as she juggles hair and makeup, her multiple business ventures, planning a wedding, and raising her adorable twins Monroe and Moroccan.

And while nothing has been confirmed when it comes to whether the series will include Carey’s wedding, it’s clear that viewers will at least get a taste of wedding planning, Carey-style. But, considering that the show is planning on taking place during the beginning of her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour, it's actually looking unlikely the series will show her wedding. I can’t imagine Carey getting married while on tour, after all — she'll be way too busy. Unless the film crew comes back later to capture the wedding too, I'm thinking it won't be included.

But even if this series doesn’t show Carey’s wedding, I think the fact that she’s opening her life up for the first time in her long and illustrious career is a promising sign that she may do it again in the future. In other words, I’m holding out hope that there will be a future E! special devoted solely to the singer’s lavish wedding. A girl can dream!

Image: Giphy