In Honor Of 'The Mindy Project', 7 Other Will-They-Won't-They Couples That Totally Did

(Warning! Spoilers for the winter finale of The Mindy Project ahead!) If you managed to get through the entire winter finale of The Mindy Project without jumping for joy in front of your TV, then you have much more restraint than I do when it comes to the budding romance between Danny and Mindy. Though Dr. L had plans of getting back with her boyfriend Cliff once their plane landed in New York, a trip to her office buddy Danny's father's house solidified Mindy and Danny's secret romantic feelings for one another. The two kissed on the airplane back to New York, causing fans everywhere to squeal with glee. After two seasons of sexual tension, we got the kiss we all knew was coming eventually.

Who knows what will happen when The Mindy Project returns from hiatus, but I know that I can't wait to see what happens between these two kissing co-workers. They aren't the only couple TV viewers have played the will-they-won't-they game with. While there are tons of TV couples with secret sexual tension, few gave us as strong of a reaction as these pairs. Here are 7 other couples that had us screaming at our TVs to "Just kiss already!" — and caused our jaws to drop when they finally did!

Image: Fox

Nick & Jess, 'New Girl'

I am in the camp that Nick and Jess got together way too soon but even I had to acknowledge that there was some serious sexual tension between these two roommates. In between games of True American and bickering over each other’s life philosophies, we could tell that both Nick and Jess had a litttttle bit of a crush on the other. Though I consider Nick and Jess as a couple to be more adorable than sexy, this steamy, surprising kiss — which occurred when Jess was still in a relationship with Dr. Sam! — solidified that these two were definitely made for one another.

Image: Fox

Klaus & Caroline, 'The Vampire Diaries'

Sorry, Tyler/Caroline shippers, but it looks like we finally got the long-awaited kiss between the villainous Klaus and everyone’s vampire BFF, Caroline. Though Klaus pined over Caroline for what seems like forever (he even drew her pictures of horses! Aww!) Caroline’s heart was always with werewolf hybrid Tyler… who really, really hates Klaus. After Tyler tells Caroline that his hatred of Klaus will always trump his love for Caroline, she falls into the arms of her former boyfriend’s sworn enemy.

Klaus, on a surprise visit to Mystic Falls from New Orleans, finds Caroline and tells her that he will leave and never bother her again if she is honest with him about her feelings. Caroline agrees — and totally does it with Klaus in the woods!

Image: The CW

Dave & Alex, 'Happy Endings'

This will-they-won’t-they couple used to kiss all the time — until Alex left Dave at the alter in the pilot episode of this sadly deceased comedy. Though the couple broke up, the sexual tension between the pair never went away, and we waited until the day when the former love birds fell back into their old romance. It finally happened after one-to-many drinks at Dave’s steak truck.

Image: ABC

Veronica & Logan, 'Veronica Mars'

There’s a fine line between love and hate, and Veronica and Logan seemed to cross that line over and over again. These two snarky teenagers never missed an opportunity to cut the other one down, but deep down we at home all knew it was because they needed to suppress their romantic urges somehow. Logan displayed a softer side when he asked Veronica to help him track down the truth about his mother — a quest Veronica knew all too well — and the two ended up growing close because of it. Their sexual tension culminated in a kiss that left fans swooning. Due to the pair’s many breakups and makeups, the will-they-or-won’t-they question never really dies. We’re hoping that, when The Veronica Mars Movie comes out this March, we’ll finally answer that question with “they most definitely did.”

Image: The CW

Ray & Marnie, 'Girls'

Oh, boy, we can see this one getting complicated! The uptight Marnie and the straight-talking Ray bickered constantly. Ray couldn’t stand Marnie’s judgmental attitude and Marnie couldn’t stand Ray’s lack of drive. That all went out the window in last week’s episode of the HBO series. Marnie goes to Ray for some painfully honest life advice, which he gives to her. Apparently brutal honesty is an aphrodisiac because the two of them end up getting it on right there on Ray’s kitchen table. What will Shosh and Charlie think?!

Image: HBO

Emma & Hook, 'Once Upon A Time'

The fact that Hook was once in love with Emma’s son’s great-grandmother is totally weird but somehow not grounds for avoiding hooking up with this hot pirate. Emma and Hook kissed in Neverland during their search for Henry, which was probably the most exciting thing about that loooong, tedious story arc. The internet rejoiced, but Neal, Henry’s father, did not.

Image: ABC

Dan & Blair, 'Gossip Girl'

I know, I know — Blair and Chuck were perfect together, blah blah blah. But there was a small, vocal internet community that really rooted for these two opposites to start making out. Blair always saw Dan as beneath her and her friends, while Dan saw Blair as an uppity spoiled brat. The two formed a friendship while interning together a W Magazine which led to Lonely Boy pining over Queen B… and an eventual (if short-lived) relationship. Long live Dair!

Image: The CW