In Honor Of 'The Mindy Project', 7 Other Will-They-Won't-They Couples That Totally Did

By Kaitlin Reilly
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(Warning! Spoilers for the winter finale of The Mindy Project ahead!) If you managed to get through the entire winter finale of The Mindy Project without jumping for joy in front of your TV, then you have much more restraint than I do when it comes to the budding romance between Danny and Mindy. Though Dr. L had plans of getting back with her boyfriend Cliff once their plane landed in New York, a trip to her office buddy Danny's father's house solidified Mindy and Danny's secret romantic feelings for one another. The two kissed on the airplane back to New York, causing fans everywhere to squeal with glee. After two seasons of sexual tension, we got the kiss we all knew was coming eventually.

Who knows what will happen when The Mindy Project returns from hiatus, but I know that I can't wait to see what happens between these two kissing co-workers. They aren't the only couple TV viewers have played the will-they-won't-they game with. While there are tons of TV couples with secret sexual tension, few gave us as strong of a reaction as these pairs. Here are 7 other couples that had us screaming at our TVs to "Just kiss already!" — and caused our jaws to drop when they finally did!

Image: Fox

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