11 Tips For Getting Eyelash Extensions So You Can Maintain That Lush Lash Look

I love and hate eyelash extensions. In fact, I go through several emotional stages while getting eyelash extensions. I love them because my lashes remain lush, full, curled, and voluminous for four to six weeks and I can go without mascara the entire time. Duh. I hate the process, since I have to sit still for 90 minutes with my eyes taped shut while the aesthetician dutifully and beautifully applies each extension to my natural lashes. The end result totally justifies having to shut off my phone, sit still, and try not to squirm while the process plays out.

It's certainly an uncomfortable 90 minutes. I've been getting eyelash extensions on and off for a few years now — I used to get them every time I visited L.A., which was multiple times per year, as a treat to and for myself. But now I get them at a local salon in New Jersey or in NYC.

Due to the frequency, I have come up with plenty of ways to survive getting eyelash extensions. I am talking about the application process through the aftermath, since putting contact lenses in or trying to do a cat eye flick can become quite the challenge with long lashes, as can sleeping on your face.

Here are 11 tips to make eyelash extensions a breeze.

1. Turn Off Your Phone

I squirm and get bored while having my beautiful lashes extended. Hearing my phone vibrate and "ding" drives me nuts when I can't get to it. I become panicky, wondering how many hundreds of texts, emails, and Facebook messages I am getting. So I shut it off and relax. What a novel concept.

2. Sleeping Beauty

Take a nap. It'll make things go faster. You'll wake up with fluttery, bat-worthy lashes.

3. Relax

Most salons employ soft music or sounds and heated beds for a genteel, New Age, and zen vibe. Allow yourself to relax after your eyes are taped shut. You don't have to nap; you can just... be. I goofed off a little in these pics before I took my nap!

4. No Makeup

Your lash tech will tell you that much. Keep eyes totally makeup-free and clean so application can be perfect.

5. No Contacts, Either

Don't wear contact lenses. During my last application, I showed up wearing mine. What was I thinking? Oh wait... I wasn't. Jenny, my amazing lash tech, said it was okay, but reminded me to wear glasses next time. Afterward, my eyes were a tad sore and a bit dry from keeping them closed for such a long time while rocking contacts. It's never comfortable to sleep with contacts.

6. Don't Squint

That is direct from Jenny, who has become my lash extension guru. Avoidance of the squint makes her job easier. Remember, you are in this together so work in concert to make the process less tedious.

7. When Applying Eye Makeup...

Now that you have beautiful and long lashes, you want to make them pop even more with shadow and liner. You have to totally close your eye and carefully apply liquid liner to the lashline for a winged cat eye. It requires some maneuvering and dexterity, but you got this.

8. Carefully Remove Makeup

You have to remove makeup cautiously, so you don't remove lashes at the same time. Be ginger with your motions and use oil-free remover and a Q-tip, tracing to remove.

9. Sleep On Your Back

I am a stomach and side sleeper. When I crashed out on my tummy, I could feel my new lashes smashed against the pillow. So stomach sleeping is a no-no. It's also better for your facial skin to sleep on your back so change up that routine!

10. Don't Wipe Your Eyes

Pat your eyes gently after washing face or you will lose lashes. Nothing sucks more than seeing those little lashes land on the sink or the wash cloth. So be gentle.

11. Be Careful With Contacts

When putting contacts in, if you do indeed wear them, be super careful so you don't scratch the lenses with a lash or so you don't cause lashes to fall out.

The key takeaway here is be gentle, be careful, and enjoy your lashes. I got my latest lashes at Richard Chic Salon in Rutherford, N.J.

Images: Giphy (5); Amy Sciarretto (8)