This Hilarious Video Of John Kasich Being Swallowed By Confetti Is The Comic Relief That America Needs Right Now

As far as the Republican candidates go, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has never seemed particularly imposing. When you compare him to the other remaining candidates (the bully Donald Trump and anti-establishment Ted Cruz), he practically seems like an all-around nice guy. That's why this video of Kasich being swallowed by confetti is the comic relief America needs after a contentious Mega Tuesday.

March 15 saw wonder boy Marco Rubio drop out after losing to Trump in his home state of Florida, and things are continuing to look great for the business mogul as he has secured wins in Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina. He is also currently leading the polls in Missouri.

Thankfully, that hasn't stopped Kasich, whose seemingly indestructible optimism radiated while giving his victory speech for Ohio. Kasich won by a less than 8 percent margin, which is not particularly spectacular as it comes from the state in which he holds elected office. Regardless, the Ohio governor maintained his same positive message, even as he disappeared behind a wall of confetti (a slightly apropos moment considering he has spent a majority of the primary season behind larger-than-life candidates' shadows). But no matter, he wiped the confetti from his hair and continued on his merry way.

Kasich has also had other reasons to celebrate as of late. The Ohio governor was recently backed by superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger in a video on Snapchat. Schwarzenegger also made a more personal effort by going out to stump with Kasich. The movie star's endorsement is important beyond just the Hollywood recognition, as well — the two-term former California governor's endorsement comes alongside a slew of support from other moderates, as the GOP scrambles to find an establishment alternative to Trump. And Kasich will need all the support he can get if he is to stand a chance in beating out Trump or even Cruz.

The Ohio governor will be able to get that chance if the predictions regarding a contested GOP convention come true. If he's able to stay throughout the rest of the nomination race and receive more establishment support, they may just hand off the nomination to the guy who was swallowed in his own victory party's confetti. In this election, stranger things have definitely already happened.