7 Things To Know When Picking Lip Balm For The Sunnier Months Ahead

Want to freshen up and protect your pout for warmer weather, but don't know where to start? To figure out how to pick the right lip balm for the sunnier months ahead, I've pulled together all the essential questions you should ask yourself. Some are less serious than others, but they'll all help lead you to lip balm bliss!

One important thing to keep in mind for whatever lip balm you settle on is the ingredient list. Beauty Editor of The Ecologist, Ruth Styles, explained to PaiSkincare, "The key thing to remember about lip balms is that, unlike other skincare products, you are almost immediately ingesting the ingredients — so my advice would be to only use a product you’d be happy to eat! Avoid petrochemicals such as the super-common petrolatum, which has been linked to various health concerns and can sensitize the skin."

To make your ingredient-snooping like a little easier, I've chosen to only feature lip balms below that received a high safety ranking from the Environmental Working Group's cosmetic database. If you've never checked out their site and had a look around, I would highly encourage you to do so.

Now that you've got the background info to pick the perfect balm, here are the essential questions to ask yourself.

1. Do You Need Beeswax Or Butters?

Coconut Beeswax Organic Lip Balm, $3.99, AVIVA

"Beeswax effectively protects against chapping and harsh weather conditions, Styles told PaiSkincare, "while butters and vegetable oils provide daily conditioning for soft, supple lips."

If you're hardcore hiking, opt for beeswax. Chilling around the house? Something shea-based will have you covered.

2. Does The Balm Have SPF?

Suncare Lip Protector SPF 15, $8, Mary Kay

Since you need sunscreen whenever you go outside, make sure your balm has SPF before purchasing if you're planning to hang in the sun.

3. Do You Want To Smell Like Fruit?

Wild Berry Infusion Lip Balm, $7.95, Botanical Beauty

Are you all about cherry, strawberry, or lemon-scented products? If so, go fruity with your balm!

4. Do You Like The Scent Of Mint?

Mint Fusion Lip Balm, $12, Supergoop!

Choosing a balm with peppermint or spearmint can tingle in a good way when you kiss, so this may be a fun pick if you plan on smooching.

5. Do You Love Candy?

Vanilla Lip Balm, $5.08 Alba Botanica

I mean, any excuse to channel my sugar obsession seems like a good choice. If you feel the same, keep an eye out for chocolate, vanilla, honey, and sweet coconut balms!

6. Do You Prefer Shimmer Or Matte?

Spearmint Shimmer Lip Balm, $2.99, Purple Prairie

Do you want a balm that's like, "Hey, I'm glam!" or something a little more, "I'm subtly fabulous?" All my glam girls out there, keep an eye out for shiny finishes. My subtle ladies will want to reach for something a little more matte.

7. Into Clear Or Tinted?

Terra Tints, $3.19, Alba Botanica

Do you want a balm to double as low key lipstick? If so, tinted balms make a great choice. Otherwise, opt for clear balm and celebrate your natural lip hue!

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