"This Is For My Girls" Charity Song Lyrics Give Us An Empowering Anthem For Girls Of All Ages — LISTEN

Michelle Obama is officially the first lady and the first emcee/DJ. Unfortunately, there's no catchy abbreviation like "FLOTUS" for this important, new role she's taken on, but I think First Emcee of the United States flows right off the tongue, anyway. She isn't on the ones and twos merely for fun. You see, Obama just released the song, "This Is For My Girls," penned by the incomparable Diane Warren and performed by Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Rowland, Lea Michele, Missy Elliot, Chloe and Halle, Zendaya, and Jadagrace. And, she did so for an especially altruistic reason— the Let Girls Learn Initiative which, as Entertainment Tonight explains, strives to get the, "62 million girls around the world who are not in school get an education." More so than the music itself, the lyrics for this song are a must-read. So, what are the "This Is For My Girls" lyrics, exactly?

First things first, you can buy "This Is For My Girls" on iTunes and listen to the 1:30 minute preview there as well. And you should, you know, because it's good for your ears and your conscience. But, before that, you should also probably check out the lyrics, as per Genius, below. Because, let me tell you, they are something else.

There's beauty in your soul(That's what makes you beautiful)Don't let nobody ever make you doubt it, yeahYour heart is free and strong(That's what keeps you keeping on)Can't keep you down, there ain't no doubt about itDon't forget, it's all about respectNothing else will doRemember it's your lifeLive it any way you likeCause you know you got the right to

Not so surprisingly, the heart of the initiative is in the lyrics themselves. Like, are you ready to take on the world right now? Because, uh, I am pretty sure I am. And, that is exactly what the song strives to do. It's a pep talk in music form. In addition to the importance of getting girls educated, we also need to get girls confident and build their self-esteem, which ensures an even better and more thorough learning experience, in and out of the classroom. The song is about sparking that ambition that lay dormant because of external circumstances and pressures.

This is for my girls all around the worldStand up, put your head upDon't take nothing from nobodyThis is for my girls stand up and be heardThis is for my ladies, my sisters, all overThis is for my girls
You're someone who can be soft as silk but strong as steelDon't shy away from showing what you're made of, ohThis world is yours to take, you can bend but you won't breakYou got no fear and nothing you're afraid of

Education isn't simply about learning the curriculum, it's about expanding your mind and becoming a better, more evolved person. Often times, these girls are beaten down by misogyny and truly aren't aware of their worth just because of their gender. This song seeks to remedy that in some, small way. Or perhaps in a big way.

Let life in with open armsWith love and with an open heartWe got to rememberWe'll stand strong foreverYeah, we stand together

Not only is this about self-encouragement, it's about encouraging other women as well. The lyrics, "We'll stand strong forever/Yeah, we stand together," spells it out the best—we help ourselves by helping each other.

This is for my ladies, like soldiers we stand upRemember when 2Pac told us keep our head up?And even when the times get rough we get upTreat your life like a stage, you go 'head and tear it upPass the mic, pass the mic, ladies come throughDon't ever, ever let 'em try to stop or try to block youYou better tell 'em you something better than any otherYou'll never settle, you're next level, yeah, you're making movesWoo, put your hands up highThis is you and I, Team YYo, yo, this is how it go, woo
All over, my girls, my girlsMy sisters, my sistersAll over, this is for my girls

If we support one another in the classroom, the workplace, at home, and in society, then our opportunities as women can become boundless. I love that we now have an anthem that explains that perfectly.