Your Favorite Marvel Superhero Movie Says A Lot About You

No matter what, people will always enjoy watching a story about good v. evil, good guys v. villains, and anything that proves that, after all this time, the underdog can still win. Being into comic books and action figures has nothing to do with being into superhero movies. These films are almost completely different entities, aside from the fact that they have derived their names and character traits from them. Your favorite superhero movie says a lot about who you are as a person. It may seem impossible that your love for Iron Man could equate a certain personality trait, but, nonetheless, it does say a lot. Like, maybe you should start choosing your friends by it.

The personal aspect of these movies is one of the reasons that superhero movies have always had such a large viewership when it comes to their cinematic releases. If there is one thing people love, it's seeing themselves reflected onscreen. While there may not seem to be a lot on the surface of these films to relate to, the overarching themes and underlying personality traits are huge parts of what makes them so appealing to audiences. It's what draws you in and make you stick around for all the numerous sequels and re-inventions of the characters.

Iron Man

If you like Iron Man, then you're an under the radar genius. You understand things in a way that most other people don't, which makes you complicated, but also the go-to person for all of your friends. Sure, you're probably a bit of a know it all, but that's also one of your best traits.

The Incredible Hulk

If this is your favorite film, then you like to live on the edge. The terrifying idea that the Hulk could be unleashed at any moment excites you. Sadly, you also may lack good taste in movies, because this 2008 version with Bruce Banner being played by Edward Norton only received 67 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and they haven't made another one. These movies are as underappreciated as Bruce Banner himself, honestly.


You probably really like being in control of everything in your life. Thor is all about power, strength, and being in charge of things. You enjoy watching the strength he exudes whenever he is doing something. You also might just really enjoy watching Chris Hemsworth's bulging muscles — that's okay too.

Captain America

You're a pretty clean cut person who likes to stand up for what's right and fight for the good of others. You try to keep the peace at all costs, but, if necessary, you find that sometimes actions speak louder than words. Captain America is one of the more traditional superhero personalities, and you find that appeals to you. You're also super into politics and activism.

The Avengers

You probably really enjoy things that involve a squad, a crew, a team — need I say more? The idea of superhero camaraderie appeals to you. Something about saving the world with a team by your side is very exciting, and you wouldn't want to do anything with out your closest friends to have your back.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Let's be honest: you probably just enjoy watching Chris Pratt be hilarious and sexy for two hours. However, you might also enjoy living life outside of the box. He's not your typical superhero, and I'm betting that you like different. More than rooting for the underdog, you enjoy building up the outcast, which makes this your ultimate go-to film.


You are completely comfortable with who you are and what you like. While this film did do fairly well in the theaters, it takes a strong human being to admit that it's their favorite superhero movie. Nonetheless, you like what you like, and you have no shame admitting it to anyone who asks. Be loud and be proud, no matter what size you are.

No matter what film you relate to the most, I'm sure there are many different layers and facets to your personality. Don't be afraid to let the world know what type of superhero you are, because essentially, it defines you.

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